It was one of those busy days when I could hardly fix myself up before going home right after running from the lab just to catch up with our shuttle service. Stress was already running through my body as if it was already a part of my circulatory system. I knew I needed a break right away. And when I say “break”, it means somewhere far from things, places, and people that could possibly remind me of work. So we’ve decided to cross the ocean and go to Bacolod City to unwind.

Since this trip was a bit unplanned, we still haven’t booked a hotel upon arrival at Bacolod City. The first plan upon arrival at the City of Smiles was to indulge in a slice of Calea cake. So we googled hotels and inns near Calea Cake Shop and voila we found Saltimboca Tourist Inn.

3 BEST THINGS about Saltimboca Tourist Inn:
1. classy yet affordable (our room costs P1500 per night, good for 2 persons)
2. really clean (absolutely spotless anywhere)
3. convenience (room rates go with free breakfast)

Here are some of the beautiful areas inside Saltimboca Tourist Inn aside from the wide parking area:


a portion of the receiving area near the reception


pathwalk going to our room


the gazebo


the garden set


Then there’s this spot that reminded me of wayback when…

building where our room is located…

And this piece of heaven under the moon…

So the next time you visit Bacolod City, book your stay at Saltimboca Tourist Inn. Absolutely your home away from home.


It’s December once again. How time flies?! Just in case you’re planning to escape from the hustle and bustle caused by the the most wonderful time of the year, this post might be of help. I’d like to share with you a 3-day trip I had last year. Just make sure that all of your year-end reports were already submitted and all other deadlines met.

Just a little disclaimer, though. This trip was done on a holiday plus we were lucky we had our own transport. So please don’t expect a breakdown of our expenses at the end of this post.

Travel by Sea

In going to Cebu from the City of Love, we opted to travel by sea. I couldn’t bear to experience more rushing moments in the airport that time. For those who will choose to do the same, you will have to choose between Cokaliong and Trans-Asia . No offense meant to Trans-Asia but I personally prefer Cokaliong because it’s a lot cleaner.

Our Hotel of Choice

DON’T FORGET: Book your hotel before going to your destination. It saves you the hassle, saves you from being forced to pay for too expensive accommodation, and it gives you the time to review your desired hotel. I highly recommend CEBU FIESTA HOTEL.

First Dinner at Cebu

It was already dinner time when we arrive at Cebu Fiesta. We’ve decided to try Cebu’s famous barbecue place, Larsian. Expect that when you sit down in one of the benches, a basket full of rice sa puso. Then choose from a wide array of yummy barbecue.

After dinner, we passed by Osmena plaza filled with lights and their giant Christmas tree. But be ready for the next challenge – to find empty jeepney and taxi along that circle when going home.


Trip to Simala Shrine
In going to Simala Shrine at Sibonga, Cebu, we opted to ride a bus at the South Bus Terminal that passes by the drop off point. From the drop off point, we rode on a habal-habal (motorcycle) which was the same motorcycle that picked us up after. Habal-habal drivers in this area are truly honest, 100%.

Upon our return to Cebu City, we opted to ride on a van. Just be patient enough as they complete all the passengers before going. The driver will pass by Carcar, Cebu to allow you to enjoy the town’s delicious chicharon.

Second Dinner

The van from Sibonga dropped us at somewhere near the Basílica Menor del Santo Niño at Osmeña Blvd. From there we went to The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu.

Experience something similar to the festival of light at Ayala Triangle in Makati while you dine jampacked restaurants.


Don’t forget to satisfy your sweet tooth with Italian ice cream by Gelatissimo.


Day Tour

So here’s a quick run-down of our destinations while in Cebu.

Basílica Menor del Santo Niño

Magellan’s Cross

Fort San Pedro

Tops Lookout

Taoist Temple

Lapu-Lapu Shrine

Bigfoot International Academy of Film and Television

And because we squeezed everything in a day, we’re dead tired by the end of the day. ZZZZzzzzz…

Farewell Cebu

The advantage of traveling by the sea is that you still have enough time to make some finishing touches on your trip before leaving. So before bidding our temporary goodbye to the Queen City of the South,


We made sure we had a taste of the famous Cebu lechon at the House of Lechon.


Another sweet tooth satisfaction with Cebu’s giant ice cream.


Go extreme with the Skywalk.

And back to the City of Love, Iloilo City…

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