It was minutes after nine in the morning and I could hardly wake up because of last night’s work.  But I had to get up.  I have an appointment at ten.  And I should not miss that appointment.

The feeling was terrible as the time was nearing ten in the morning.  You see my appointment was with my dentist.  I am scheduled to have a teeth implant – Phase 1.

Finally it was 10…What can I do?  Renz and I were already in the clinic.  There is no turning back. This is it!

The whole operation lasted for 2 hours.  And although I wanted to tell you the details of the whole operation, I just do not want to remember all the pain I’ve been through. Basta all I could think of was PAIN IS BEAUTY…PAIN IS BEAUTY…

To summarize the whole two-hour procedure, the dentist just filed two of my lower teeth and stashed the gums surrounding each teeth.  OK let’s stop it right here…Hope you guys will understand.

At long last, the whole operation was done…partially done.  I will have to come back on Tuesday for my new ceramic teeth.  And hopefully, everything will be alright…not as painful as that day.

I expect a beautiful result.  It should be beautiful.  Imagine paying for PhP10,500.00 for a tooth implant?! Plus the discomfort due to some doses of anesthesia that caused my lips to temporarily disarrange.  Nagkiwit baba ko a!

And if it is beautiful, I guess I will have to give my dentist free advertising here.