My work does not allow me to leave my apartment that easily.  As always, I’m left with weekends to stroll around, go malling, or go out of town.  But my work allows me to enjoy a luxurious life…even for just a short time.

One of the nicest place I’ve been to is Kalibo, Aklan.  This is where I met one of the most important guys in my life – my Hubby.

Whenever I go there I prefer to stay in La Esperanza.  A hotel just a few meters away from the bus terminal of Kalibo, Aklan.  The hotel can be found behind Landbank.

Upon entrace you will find yourself surrounded by a cozy atmosphere wrapped in various colors.  The reception area is accentuated by native seats made from roots of trees.  You will have to choose from their room prices which are really the best deals in town.

I used to stay in their Deluxe Room.  This room costs a little above PhP1,500 per night.  It makes you:

Ordinary Bed vs Water Bed

Ordinary Bed vs Water Bed

choose between sleeping on an ordinary bed or on a water bed…

The lavatory is squeaky clean so you can’t afford to mess around or litter. But my most favorite is:



the suuuuuuuuuper relaxing bathtub where you can enjoy a calming and soothing bubble bath.  That is why every time I go to Kalibo, I always bring with me a lavender bubbt bath blend.  No need to bring scented candles because the bubbles themselves are soooooo aromatic that you wouldn’t want to get out of the water.