Pag bad trip ka indi ako pagdalahiga…

Pag lain adlaw mo, indi pagpalaina iya sang iban…

Pag lain paminsaron mo, indi ako pagdalha.

The problem with people who are just soooooooo keen about other people’s lives is they go overboard.  Inang sila pa bala gamayor mayor.

And sometimes their hidden agenda and self-vested interests get so transparent that whenever they don’t get what they want, they boil up.  C’mon people…can’t you just be true to yourself?

It’s funny because when you catch them, they suddenly change tactics and no longer boil up.  All of a sudden nagiging maamong tupa.  Hmmm…fishy…

I never wanted to think something bad about anybody else.  But sometimes I can’t help it…especially if it’s freaking obvious.

Yep I can read what is going on behind anybody’s mind and all-ears smile.  And I know what it can mean or what I must do.  The sad thing is, I can’t help but join the fun and get myself and my emotions involved with it.

Indeed one’s mind is so powerful.  But the heart is very vulnerable.

I can fight…through words.

But deep inside, I am poor in spirit.  Haha!  That’s a secret…which now you guys know.

Oh well, since the secret has already been disclosed, I’d rather learn how not to get too emotionally invested on anything…That’s right…on ANYTHING.