A BS Psychology graduate who claims to be a good psychologist. Self-proclaimed!

A graduate of the University of the Philippines in the Visayas. But she failed the Civil Service Exam. What a shame!

She is the one who told me that I’m living a non-Christian life. But you must hear her make side comments about the people she sees everyday.

She once told me that I BUY FRIENDS…Yep she did…Last June 22, 2008 in JD – Emilion, Lapaz. But well, she must have changed her mind, she even denied what she said. And even told me I was the one who told that to myself. Hmmmmm….baliw!

I brought her to school. But she even said, MAISIP AKO. Wow! OK, let’s try to give in to her expectaions. Let’s start counting:
1. I gave you your job.
2. I treated you for a rebond.
3. I bought your bras.
4. I treat you during meal time.
5. I paid a bigger share in a room we previously rented.
6. You didn’t pay your share in the apartment.
7. I gave you credit card extensions.
8. But you didn’t pay for your credit card debt.
9. I brought you to school.
10. I paid for everything til you graduated.
11. I even paid for your graduation stuff.
12. When you were in school, I paid for your tuition and boarding house, including your allowance.
13. When you were still unemployed, I fed you.

…and the list goes on and on and on and on…

See how nice it is pag inisipan ka?

She said it’s not good to sleep with a guy in one room. Sleep as in sleep not the American slang for sex. Well, what can you say if you know that she once stayed in one room with a Korean guy for months. Hmmmm…she said the two cases are different. What do you think?

Holding hands with a guy that is not your BF is wrong…non-Christian…But just hear her make side comments about people…more non-Christian than what a slut does.

She is idolized by many because of her ASTIG appeal. But when they turn their back against her, she backbites them…Just look at what she did to me.

Astig? When she can’t even face people in the bank and in other pawnshops because of some claims. Chicken!

Not to mention, BAD BREATH!!!!

She’s an irresponsible sister and daughter. Why?
1. She hides from the responsibilities that go with supporting her brother to school.
2. When Mama died, she can even afford to exchange text messages to Papa’s mistress.
3. One time she has no money to go back to Miagao. She just slept. Waiting for me to borrow money from other people. When I came back, she just accepted the share she got from the money I borrowed…then left.
4. But one time, Papa gave her money for Christmas. She kept her money. And just let her brother spend his money while hers is intact. She even bought a bag for herself, saying it was just from Ukay Ukay. And I wanted to borrow money from her so I can go back to Miagao also for work. But without any notice, she just left…anyway she has money.
5. She’s a Benigno Scholar in UP but even 100 or a single cent she cannot share.
6. At home, she’d rather listen to music than work on household chores.
7. She’d rather buy this and that than save the money Papa gave her when she went on a press conference way back in her high school days.
7. She is not allowed to go with friends on weekends because Mama needs help in doing household chores. But she chose to leave, saying that anyway Mama is always angry. Uyyy rebelde!

…those and more…

S-H-A-R-E??? That’s not in her vocabulary.

Just recently, she and a.k.a mat-mat connived and talked behind me. The proofs:
1. Joshua, the apartment attendant heard her crying last June 22, 2008 while saying:
“Ang nainitan ko kay Jing-Jing kay nalinibre ya ang laki…”

Ang laki, no work, ok librehon as payment to the services rendered during transfer. The guy has no more home back in their place, stranded due to typhoon Frank, but stayed with me just to help instead of helping his family.

Her: She has work, but nagpapalibre.

2. Text message she sent to mat-mat saying
“gainano na di si renz?…papulia na sya and papangitaa obra…bisan mag inano na sya indi ko na sya gusto.”

Well, look at the guy now. Earning a solid 30K each month from two jobs which I never gave to him…And Maria Juvy? Earning some amount from the job I gave her.

3. She denied believing to what mat-mat told her
In fact one time when Renz and I came back from Mang Inasal to buy food while we looked at them as they were eating, they were telling us that NABANTAYAN NAMON KAMO.

So, did you feel anything? Did you sense something fishy? Mga malisyosa!!!

And then there’s this statement from mat-mat,”Hay ngaman gareact ka gid?” Addressed to me with matching a look to Maria Juvy. Meaningful!

Simply put, she’s nothing but a SISTER WANNABEE who prefers to trust and believe other people rather than trust and believe her own family/relatives.

August 2008, she went to Tinigao, Kalibo, Aklan. Piyesta e. Imagine she can afford to spend time and money to other people but she can’t even bring her brother to school. But here’s the good stuff – She went to the house of the people who were also victims of her evil tongue before.

In short,
1. Inang si mat-mat, tinalikuran lang man dati…ahay the loyalist lived a miserable life thinking of their broken PLASTIC friendship. And now, that they were caught in their dirty game, they joined forces as if they’re best friend.

2. Ang kapid nga isa, nilibak ya man na. But wow, the kapid even go with the idea right after reading my Friendster Bulletin posts when I’ve decided to fight back. Ang kapid even said …BASI TAMPAON ta ka…

So does it hurt when I fulfill your prophecy saying, MAISIP AKO?

But well, they’ve volted in, as if they’re super friends.

Lately, she said SHE WILL SUPPORT HER BROTHER’S SCHOOLING. But well, she can’t even afford to give a single cent.


1. ahay, we have no more parents and yet my elder sister worked hard til I finish school
2. now it’s time to repay everything and help in supporting our brother

I am presently re-building our house in Roxas City. There are 3 rooms. Guess what, she said:

Hmmmm…makes me recall what she said: ANDAMAN LANG SANG BANA KO D YA KO PAHIMUAN SWIMMING POOL…

When we discuss things about my dreams, like building my own house, buying my own car, etc. She would say PROBLEM NA YA SANG BANA KO…Hhahahahaha!

One time someone found my camera bag underneath their sofa and said NA AKIGAN KAMO NA KARON NI BEBE. Because the bag is mine and the camera is mine, I said, AKON NA SYA ‘TA. I relayed that to her, and did you know what she said? IMO MAN GANI…LA KO MAN NAANGKUN…MAKABAKAL MAN KO SINA.

Oh BTW when she publicly humilated me in JD-Emilion, she even mentioned something like, “YOU MUST UNDERSTAND ME BECAUSE I’M A MIDDLE CHILD AND I’VE NEVER EXPERIENCED THIS BEFORE…”

Excuse me? Experience what? Ahhh maybe that’s why one time, on our way to Kalibo she didn’t want to go with me. Apart from she and mat-mat are not in good terms that time, she even added, “IKAW NAMAN NA DIDTO ANG BIDA.” Hmmmmm I didn’t know this ugly me hisaan pa sang princess.

I bought an expensive sling bag one time. When she saw it, she said, “T MABAKLAN KA SINA NI RENZ?” Not at that time, but now, the guy can afford to let me eat anywhere I like and even bought me blouses in Guess. O diva?

The sad thing here is, I build her profile positively to people…But she returned the favor, negatively. Imagine your sister backbiting you? Imagine hearing her and mat-mat in my apartment talk about me and Renz?

Mat-mat said, she was just concerned. And it was just opinion being raised. Hmmmm I thought, technically, an OPINION is something that is being raised publicly so that everybody can hear it. When it’s just the two of you who talks about that so-called opinion, topping it with malicious thoughts, I suppose that’s already GOSSIP. Get that?

And actually, I even investigated on things.

Mat-mat said she talked to a guy one time and said that if I were there I won’t like the guy’s statements. That the guy said, “Te may ara ka pa na miga nga muna, gai ta b.”

The guy is RIO….from Tinigao, Kalibo, Aklan. I talked to the guy. And well, guess what, another false stories wrapped in fancy paper, topped with extra cheese, and more flavorings added. Yummy!

My sister’s part? She simply believed the delicious story 🙂 Hey sistah ever heard of BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT?

She claims that she wants to be single forever. But when this Mike came into her life, she would text til morning. And if the guy won’t text her, she would say, “ANDAM LANG NA NILA MAGTEXT SILA, INDI MAN KO MAGREPLY.” And the nerve of her to say that I get angry always if Renz won’t text me. Are you talking to me sis? Or to yourself?

Actually, mat-mat and her are always talking about this ideal guy, Mike. My part? Wala…Ang pinilian lang nga info…Nga taga Globe, nga Engineer, the other sweet nothings? Ahh exclusive to the best of friends.

One time, we already planned to go to Roxas/Kalibo. But perhaps she changed her mind. She suddenly said something as if she is not going. So I felt disheartened and just said I’ll go get my laundry. She said I’ll go with you but I’ll get mine tomorrow. I said, “HA???WHY NOT NOW? WE’RE LEAVING TOMORROW.” It could have been easy to say, “I’LL GET MINE IN THE MORNING.” But the thing is, we’re going to the laundry shop why not get it that time, why wait for tomorrow? Ahhh, it simply says she doesn’t want to go, kay mabida na naman si ako. Abotz ko na a…Just correct me if I’m wrong sis.

But this is the shocking part, at the laundry shop, after I got my clothes she said, “I’LL GET MINE UNA LANG KAMO.” Ha???? B ko bwas ka pa makwa? Which is which? It was raining and since obviously, she and her loyalist are not in the mood to be with me, then I just went off. When we were all in the dorm, mat-mat said, BASA KAMI JING. Awwwww ti ngaa la kamo nagsakay? Common sense? Hulat librehon?

But guess what, ako pa may sala. Kuno ako buringot. Wow!

Anyway, this story goes on and on and on…

May sa apartment pa…Magpasounds daw sya gabayad electricity. Magluto sa pagkabaho sang balay. Nagclog pa ang lababo. Plus ginabyaan mga nakasaksak…pano pag masunog? OK lang, byaan gani apartment nga la kabayad. hahahahaha!

Heeyah sis, more pa ni…la pa naubos lista ko. So, how does it feel nga ISIPAN sang tuod-tuod? Nami noh?

I wish you all the happiness as you go solo…Be happy and enjoy life as if you’re living alone and that no one needs your help. After all, your conscience can bear it. Oh excuse me, do you have one?

Want to know more about this spoiled brat with absolutely ZERO conscience? Check out her FB profile by searching for JUVY MARIE VALENZUELA or her LinkedIn account