marked portion is the metal sunked onto my gums

marked portion is the metal sunked onto my gums

I woke up feeling dizzy from last night’s work.  Didn’t want to but I had to get up; otherwise I’ll miss one of the most important days of my life – my TEETH IMPLANT OPERATION Day.

Whew! Here we go again with my PAIN IS BEAUTY stuff…

It was almost 11:30am when we reached Dr. Genevieve Esponilla’s clinic.  The dentist had to wait for me for more than an hour.  Sorry, dok 😉

Without much ado, I was asked to sit on that green scary chair to start the operation.  I saw a set of 3 ceramic teeth clasped in a silver-colored metal.  That must be my new teeth.  It looked exactly like my teeth in terms of color and size!  Beautiful!  Too bad I wasn’t able to take a picture of it.

OK, now they’re mixing this cement-like stuff on a glass plate.  And they’re cleaning the surface and sides of my ceramic teeth…As I looked at what they’re doing, my heart continues to pound faster and faster…I could almost hear it…Good thing I didn’t faint.

“Open…,” said Doc Gen.

“Ahhh…,” said I.

And I hated it when she said, “Gurgle, please.”

Can you imagine soaking your mouth with tap water when your gums are stashed open?  It hurts you know…The pain is indescribable.

Mangilo?  OO e!  Suuuuuuuuuper!

Now it’s time to see the fit of the teeth.  Huh?! Again?  Oh well, what can I do?  Ahhhh…

And now for the highlight of the whole event: She took the teeth in her hand, made me open my mouth, and pushed it as if there was no tomorrow!


Big OUCH!!!!

My left foot went up and I tightly grasp on the arm rest of the dental chair as my body sunk onto the chair.

Imagine the feeling of pushing metal onto your wounded gums????  Try it…See if maliwat ka pa!

But I tell you, the pain lasted only for seconds.  After the new teeth filled the space in my stashed gums, I felt alright.  No more searing pain.

bleeding gums

bleeding gums

However, I still can’t bite using my new teeth for almost a week.  I must let the “used, abused, and totally harassed” gums heal first; otherwise I might get problems brushing it.

For now, I can say that everything looked perfect…the way I wanted it. 🙂 Salamat Dok.