is the name of an underground Call Center that operates in Iloilo City.  They were once located in Delgado St. but transferred location due to some reasons.

Read on to know what lies beyond a seemingly “nice” Call Center.

July 2008 when Mr. Shane J. Lawrence, owner of emailed me to HELP him prepare some things needed to set up a call center.  What started as a research work ended up as an enormous and very challenging project for me.

We have agreed that I will work for him for only 2 hours a day for 20 days and he will pay me $150 in return.  But hardworking as I am I wanted to finish everything the soonest time possible.  Instead of working for only 2 hours I worked for more than 12hours a day – 4hours in the morning, 4 hours in the afternoon, 4 hours or so at night.  Instead of working for 20 days, I worked for almost 30 days in a month.

After calling the help of friends the whole thing was about to start.  Everything was there – server, IP camera, PCs, headsets, including the Manager.

The Manager hired was Mary Grace Babunas.  She claimed to be coming from various call centers here in Iloilo City – Echo, IV, GMCI.  But in all of these call centers she declared that she resigned.  It was only after I resigned from MBC that I’ve known that she actually TERMINATED.  Too late to inform Mr. Lawrence because he was already all ears and all eyes to his so-called HARDWORKING and SMART Manager.

The Illegal Work of

FIrst of all, the agents claim to be working for the Dunn 7& Bradstreet Directory!  Huh?!  So to D&B, watch out for this company.

They operate as a Call Center without a Business Permit.  Hey, DTI catch this people!!!

My Resignation

A week before the judgment day of Ms. Babunas, Mr. Lawrence and I decided to test her performance without me.  But instead of completely getting rid of call center jobs out of my system, I continued helping Ms. Babunas.  I shared with her my idea of giving perks to the top agents.  I even solved the line issue problems.  But contrary to my belief, Ms. Babunas was a sucker for ideas.  She just get my ideas, wrapped it as hers, and presented it to the agents as hers…Her aim:  For people to love and to sympathize with her.

But more than a week passed, Mr. Lawrence never came back and spoke with me regarding our agreement.  I should have known because he’s good in delaying tactics just like what he did to his projects before that I managed when I was still his Virtual Assistant.

And since I can no longer expect for promises to be kept, I RESIGNED.

Suprisingly, Mr. Lawrence spoke up and emailed me asking me if something upsets me.  And I told him everything…expecting so much that he is on my side.  But I was wrong.  From start to finish, he denied what I was telling him.

How MyBizConnects Treats Their People

Ariel, one of the Tech Support, was released because of the lies made up by Ms. Babunas.

Raphael, another Tech Support, and the best among the people MBC has ever had, was terminated because Ms. Babunas treated him as if he was a robot.  Every time they chat, they would almost go down to shouting at each other because Ms. Babunas is sssssooooooooooooooo stupid she could not even understand simple idiomatic expressions.  Oh well, maybe she just refuses to understand.

And here comes my part:

To completely clean up my name, I requested for my signatures on various documents to be removed.  My request was addressed to both Mr. Lawrence and Ms. Babunas.  But neither of them responded not until I showed them anger.  Mr. Lawrence even called my plea a DRAMA.  Ms. Babunas ignored everything.  Worst was she even made up false stories against me.

The Big Lie of Ms. Babunas:

Mr. Lawrence told her to deliver the sigs Friday.  Friday came, Saturday came, I received nothing.  Then I texted the agents Sunday.

Here comes Monday.  Ms. Babunas informed Mr. Lawrence that she intended to send the sigs Friday but I texted the agents so she will just send them Monday.  Can you CLEARLY SEE what an ugly liar Ms. Babunas is?

But to my suprise, Mr. Lawrence connived with her.  Despite of the very obvious lie, Mr. Lawrence even sided with Ms. Babunas.  Oh well, he must be afraid to lose money from the Call Center if ever he rans out of a Manager.  Or afraid to lose someone he can use?  whatever….

Finally, I got what I wanted…all sigs are with me.

Ms. Babunas is STUPID!

1. Ms. Babunas cannot speak straight and grammatically correct English

2. Her pronunciation is suuuuuuuuuuuper!

3. When you hear her speak, you will wonder why she has gotten into the world of Call Center.  What a shame because their site says:

and who can have intelligent business conversations with senior executives the world over.

5. Mr. Lawrence even called her English SHITTY!  But well look at them now – the Babunas-Lawrence tandem. Clap! Clap! Clap!

Mr. Lawrence is an Ass Hole

I regret helping Mr. Lawrence from the start.   He was nothing but a human being completely devoid of heart and sense of professionalism.

It was stupid of me to side with him when I was at my best…only to find his back against me when I was really down.

Claiming to have paid me with a hefty amount of salary when he can’t even afford to pay my phone bill used during hiring.

Hey Mr. Lawrence, pay me!  Pay my phone bill and the hours I worked a month before I resigned!

The Stealing Act of Ms. Babunas Directed by Mr. Lawrence

Several months have passed.  The Call Center is about to reach its 3rd month at the cafe they’re renting.  But I was really suprised to know that stealing happened.

Two days ago, the staff of the cafe waited for the whole Call Center people.  But no one showed up.  After a while, the Tech Guy showed up with money for the rent.  And where’s Ms. Babunas?  Hiding…

Why is she hiding?

a. order by Mr. Lawrence

b. hidden agenda

c. defense mechanism

Answer: all of the above.

Then the next day, the afternoon staff found out that everything was gone – Server, IP Camera, headsets.  Where are these stuff?  With Ms. Babunas who transferred everything to a place in Jaro near Makro.

What a move!  Clap! Clap! Clap!

The owner of the cafe was stunned because of what happened.  In short, KABASTUSAN TO THE MAX (no matters and no sense of professionallism to the max)!!!

To Mr. Lawrence and Ms. Babunas:

The owner is not like the two of you whose attitudes are like rotten eggs.  It could have been easy to tell him that you no longer wish to extend your rent and have decided to transfer to your own office; instead of stealing things.  You definitely show to people what kind of character you have.

And guess what, the whole Call Center even left leaving an unpaid rent.  Ewww!

Is that how you make business?

In that case, if that is how you make business, let us join you.

Sooner or later you will find yourself completely screwed up 🙂  and when that time comes I will be the happiest person in the world.


Never work in this Call Center…or you’ll regret it. – HOME OF USERS AND SCUMBAGS!