I have seen various ads at BestJobs, trabaho.ph, and in iloiloonline.com that MyBizConnects.com is looking for a Virtual Assistant (VA).

Recalling what I’ve been through as the VA of the owner of this illegal and underground Call Center, Mr. Shane J. Lawrence, I pity the next VA who will try his/her luck in this company.

I was requested to help in the Call Center.  I was paid $150 to work for 2hours a day, 20 days a month.  But since I couldn’t afford to delay anything I worked for more hours than what is required.  Stupid me!

Working hard for things to get started, those sleepless nights just to watch the people working, and more caused me to get sick.

Days passed Ms. Grace Babunas, the present Manager of MyBizConnects.com was hired.  During her period I’ve had the most terrible times of my life…even up to my resignation.

Ms. Babunas denied me of the papers I signed to be released along with my resignation.  She even made up false stories about me texting the agents when in fact it was her move to cover her neglect of duty.

And Mr. Lawrence connived with her!  Just when I thought Canadians are fair and just…tsk! tsk! tsk!

From a cafe in Eskina to a cafe near Makro, Ms. Babunas got all of the call center stuff without professionally informing the owner.  They just left as if they were thieves.  She even let the Tech Personnel hand over the rent for the rest of October instead of giving it herself just like a true-blooded professional.

When Mr. Lawrence was asked, he said in an email:

Shane Lawrence

to me

show details Oct 23 (2 days ago)

How so? I had her take the cpu for the server and the ip camera which
I paid for. I paid <owner> the full rent for october even though we
aren’t there anymore. More than fair.

Haller!  Then why let her take the stuff when she didn’t professionally informed the owner?  How professional!

Why let the tech support face Bryan when paying? Why can’t she pay it herself as the Manager? Hiding?  Because of hidden agenda?  That’s the problem with people who has hidden motives.  They hide and never frankly say things to people.

BTW, in case you’ve forgotten the contract says 30-DAY PRIOR NOTICE BEFORE YOU LEAVE.  Meaning u should frankly say that you’re leaving…and don’t just go as if you’re a thief!

Full rent? Hey you started Aug. 8, 2008.  And contract says you stay for 3 months.  Meaning ur supposed to stay and to pay whether you stay or not until Nov. 8.  Where’s your word of honor?  Or are you already like your Manager who cannot understand simple English?

If I were the owner I’ll sue your company for breach of contract!

Fair enough?

According to their ad,

We are looking for a Virtual Assistant :
• Male or female 22 yrs old and above
• Graduate of any 4-year Business related course
• 2-4 yrs work experience in the Marketing/Management field.
• With good command in the English language — you should hear how Ms. Babunas speak in English!  Super!
• With good personality
• Flexible and hardworking
• Honest and trustworthy — awww!  The nerve of them to include this when they themselves aren’t honest! Imagine OPERATING WITHOUT A BUSIMESS PERMIT!
• Computer literate (Microsoft Office and internet surfing) — you should see how Babunas create spreadsheets and Word files…she can’t even make simple business proposal!!!
• Able to handle complex projects
• Should have the ability to meet frequent deadlines with good time management skills — Babunas is good at this: meeting deadlines!!! hahahahaha!  She can’t even pay rent on time! Imagine making lies against me just to cover her neglect of duty!
• Could adjust to the environment and to the standards of the company or industry — binukid standards!!!
• Maintain good online relationship with co-workers — good relationship with Babunas and Lawrence or you will be the next victim of Babunas lies and Lawrence games…
• Willing to work the graveyard shift (Eastern Standard Time is requisite shift)

Until now Mr. Lawrence has not paid my phone bill used for hiring.  He has not paid me for my last work for omenvision.com as well.  Is that what you call honest?

This is the email instruction of Mr. Shane J. Lawrence that I worked on and have completed but he did not pay me!

On Tue, Sep 9, 2008 at 3:00 PM, Shane Lawrence <mephisto66@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Jacqui

Of course everything between you and I is always confidential. I was
going to print it today and I realized it is a staggering 116 pages so
I will try and review tonight.

In terms of the real estate task please don’t bother with that. I have
someone who can do that simple work, I have more important things for
you. 🙂

You have helped with this before, but can you review for me the latest
version of workmyplan at www.omenvision.com/workplan/ and let me know
your detailed thoughts.

I was thinking that I will have you do more virtual assistant type
things for me personally if that works for you. Help keep me organized