Despite of my aching teeth and bleeding gums, I went to Kalibo with Hubby to meet his parents and relatives.  I didn’t want to stay alone in the apartment because no one will take care of me there.

A couple of hours before my first teeth implant experience, Hubby and I were already in the bus bound to Kalibo.  After finishing a cup of noodles that Hubby bought from a nearby store in the terminal, I took 1 tablet of 500mg Ponstan to help ease away the pain in my mouth.

During the 4-hour travel, I had to endure the searing pain from my mouth to my head.  It was something tolerable but still very inconvenient on my part.  Will I ever enjoy the trip?

At long last we reached Kalibo.  After checking in La Esperanza, Hubby and I rode on a tricycle bound to Tinigaw.  When we reached their place, Ma’am Bebot, Hubby’s mother prepared the table for us.  The food was so delicious that I forgot everything about my sore mouth and bleeding gums.

Hubby's mother, Mommy Bebot

Hubby's mother, Mrs. Bebot Magallanes

That night we had tiil sang baboy with mungbeans and cabbage.  It was so delicious that I almost forgot my newly implanted teeth.  I’ve had 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…I can’t remember how many plates of rice I had that night.  Too bad I wasn’t able to take a picture of it.

Sunday morning when Ma’am Bebot texted us that lunch was already prepared.  Kainan na naman….

The gabi cooked in ‘gata’ with bagungon (yam cooked in coconut milk with shell) was so tasty!  It melted in my mouth…not in my hand…hahahaha!  Ma’am Bebot must have sensed that I liked it so much that she even let Hubby and I brought some on our way back to Iloilo.

Now here comes the sosy menu – the mouth-watering sweet and sour fish.  I gave this menu two thumbs up!  Suuuuuuuuuuuper namit!  Swak sa panlasa! The fish was perhaps fried first then cooked along with the sweet and sour sauce.  Added to this already-perfect combination are the healthy carrots that even made everything special.  How come restaurants here in Iloilo City don’t cook sweet and sour fish this way?

There’s this restaurant in Kalibo commonly called by people as Mary’s.  The restaurant is known for their Lomi.  You can buy Lomi in half, quarter, or in whole.  The lomi noodles are cooked al dente and mixed in a delicious thick soup mixed with yummy meatballs.  Bits of vegetables are then added to make everything healthier than ever.

Now here comes the most interesting menu – the grilled LIVER.  Wahahahahaha!  Thought it’s my favorite because I’m from Capiz huh?!  But no NEVER…as in NEVAH!  But the grilled liver was so tempting that I couldn’t help but taste it.  I got one strip, put it in my mouth, and whoa!  Unlike other liver-based menu that I’ve tasted, this one is completely free of a malangsa after-taste.  Super!

And who’s the COOK behind all these super duper namit menus?  Tantararaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….Mr. Magallanes!!!!

Mind you, Daddy is not only a superb COOK but also an amazing dancer.  No wonder Krista is a well-known dance sports icon in their place.

father-daughter tandem

father-daughter tandem

No wonder Hubby and his siblings, Krista and Psyche, all have clear skin.  They are lucky to have their parents.  Sometimes I envy Hubby…He has a caring mother and a very understanding father.  Wish I also had this kind of parents…




Anyway, before I go melodramatic, here comes the most sudden and super kakaba kaba scene.  Renz pulled me over and without prior notice, he introduced me to his grandfater.  Hmmm…Ummmm…Lo…oh my…speechless and beauty ko…Right in front of me is Hubby’s beloved lolo.  This is more scary and more frightening than meeting Ma’am Bebot and Papa ni Hubby.  But anyway, the show must go on….After telling me to call him Lolo someone just took a picture of the two of us.

Jacqui meets Lolo

Jacqui meets Lolo

Hala ka ‘lo dakup ka…may beer sa tupad mo… 😉

I really had a great time in Hubby’s place.  Nice place, cool people, delicious food…Thank you very much to everybody.  Sa uulitin…