MyBizConnects boasts a team of Philippine-based workforce that are known for their sense of professionalism and excellence in terms of work.  Read on and find out how this value proposition is confirmed by the actions of their own Admin.

The Manager

A Manager is supposed to be the role model of all agents.  She must be honest, hardworking, with sense of professionalism, and must get along well with others.  This personal characteristics should be coupled with an A1 scholastic and employment backgrounds.  Let us see if Mary Grace Babunas, the present Manager of MyBizConnects fits into these qualifications:

HARDWORKING – sleeping during work hours (ayawan pa gani pukaw ang mga agents sa iya one time)

She lets a lowly agent make her report.  Afraid for your English to be discovered?  ahahahahahah!

She lets the technician buy her snacks.  Huh!? Is that part of the job description of the Tech Support?

HONEST – she makes up lies and false stories

1. She said she resigned in her previous work.  But she was actually terminated.  Ewww!

2. She said she planned to give me the sigs Friday but didn’t push through because I texted the agents Sunday after Friday.  hahahahahaha!

3. She even told the agents she texted them to bring their contract.  But that was only hours before the operation.  Hmmmm….delaying tactics?

ROLE MODEL – if a balut vendor passes, all of a sudden she just shouts to buy balut (tagabukid gid a!)

WITH SENSE OF PROFESSIONALISM – she doesn’t bother to face people whom she fired (sugo ni Shane J. Lawrence!)

She just let the Tech Support guy pay the rent to the cafe where they were formerly renting.

And they can afford to forget terms in contracts they signed with people.  Yuck!

Hoy Babunas,

A true-blooded Manager is not afraid to face the people whom she will fire….unless you’re scared because you did something traitorous against them.

For example, telling more lies against them to Mr. Shane J. Lawrence.

Hey Shane,

You’re lucky you’re the Boss.  But soon enough you and Babunas will experience this same thing.

MUST GET ALONG WITH OTHERS WELL – kontra niya mga tao nga mas mayad sa iya

Example: Raphael, the tech; ako, the former VA; and just recently, the former pioneer agents

Pero maayo sya magbuild up sa mga tao na kelangan pa nya!

I never knew MONEY can ruin someone’s character.