Just look at this email from Ms. Babunas, present Manager of MyBizConnects.com, an illegal/underground Call Center here in Iloilo.

I have highlighted in red the ones that are sooooooo damn funny!!!! 😀

grace babunas

to mephisto66, me

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Hi Shane,
Todays result is not satisfying, However  Im still okey as i knew that our adds haven’t seen by others yet…As my own observation.Im very much confident that  we can fill the vaccant posistion with a a qualified agents since we are making a double effort with Jaqui to look for the better..Although we end up to get irritated by the others who misunderstands our add, Im still okey is beyond our control..
We won’t lose our hope and spirit for looking  a good agent…We can do it……
1.Assessment to our applicants- attached is the resume of each who passed the first interview together with my assessment below..Please kindly check…
2.New Applicants- since we dont have much time we discuss with jaqui that everytime we recieved resume.We will try to call them if they are available so we can conduct interview since we have place for them.
3.Ads post- We are going to add some ads to other place where they are used to hang out...
4.Workstation- We will conduct test on Monday 8-9am  for each station to know if still have some problems to encounter.
5.Nonoy went to our office this afternoon as we requested to try others station, Station 1002 is done and no errors.
Station 1003 when I make outbound calls the recipient can’t hear me but on my side can hear the voice clear..
QA station- Bryan will install the Time Quick Player so I can try and test the QA section.softphones haven’t try as Bryan is doing something last night in QA pc.
Nonoy Case- he mixed his personal business and his tasks in our company thats why until now he haven’t finished everything. If I never email last time that I will be going to stay and test the workstation that based to him is already working,until now maybe we are still waiting to call our attention to check.
6.Regarding to Jaqui concerns-  If the PC is for outbound, does it sound well to the party he is calling?
Depend, it is normal that we can encounter a choppy line. based on my experienced when we are calling same time and we are busy in our calls the traffic comes and we can start to hear choppy lines, sometimes the provider that we are using, sometimes it might be the customers side.The solution is to stop for a while and rest the line for 5 mins..Call again.
Any problem with the headset?
Headset is not a problem you can determine right away, if the cause is the headset or the line that we are using.
Does the call made record properly on the server?
If our call is clear then that will be the outcome but if our calls is choppy then the recording is choppy. What we hear during our calls have same effect in our QA..How ever you can listen again and again for the validatation of your calls..
Can it be verified by the QA?
Yes, take time to listen.
Is its login details and troubleshooting details complete or on file?
Yes, tech. can check that.
If the PC is for inbound, what is the quality of call it makes?  Headset problems? Call recording OK?  Login and troubleshooting details?
Pc for Inbound is much better than outbound because its like 1/4..
only 1 person for inbound so meaning the line can go directly.
Nothing to interfere much.
If 4 person will call sametime and they are busy it will possible for the traffic..( correct me if im wrong). — very wrong!  hahahahahaha!
Headset problems? Call recording OK?  Login and troubleshooting details?

Same with the outbound….

7.Operation- I think during the operation we can hardly encounter choppy lines(hopefully) since we are only 4 to be online.
Anyway Jaqui and I always been discussing things to resolved the tasks that is been delayed… — ha? ano tani?
We update ourselves everyday…
Thats all for now.
Thank you!
Grace B.

Hoy Babunas! Daw kelangan mo ni ang simple English Rules na reminders ho…

Ad NOT adds! Received is e and i after c! Wrong spelling wrong!

‘a’ is always followed by a singular subject form or s-form of the verb.  Maski Grade 1 kabalo sina!

Its or it’s?  Mango!

Depend or IT DEPENDS?  Ewww!

If our call is clear then that will be the outcome but if our calls is choppy then the recording is choppy. Stupida!  OO gid lang e!


The term SHITTY English came from Mr. Shane J. Lawrence…not from me.

Waaaaaah!  Aren’t they obviously using each other?