Forgive me if this blog post is mostly written in English.  I find it awkward writing in vernacular especially if the purpose is for net people to see. But for the sake of ‘people’ who cannot even understand simple English, I’ve included some side comments in vernacular so as to make things clearer…I understand that there are ‘people’ out there who, despite of their Managerial position, are very poor in comprehension.

I’ve been hearing lots of news about you lately…things which unfortunately I have not discovered earlier…otherwise I would have prevented you from entering our lives.  But I guess some things are meant to be – like there will always be a time for nightmares…hahahahahaha!!!! (naintindihan mo ni? idiom ni sya…mangkut-mangkut da sa mga tinawo mo para iexplain nila sa imo)

Regarding your 100% original Business Proposal, now I know who made it. Ewwwww!!! La ka nahuya?

Now I know that you just let one lowly agent research on it for you.  Hmmmm let me guess, you must have made the agent do it when no one was watching through the IP cam, correct? Clap! Clap! Clap!  very clever!!!!

Unfortunately, I caught up the copy-scape thingy and you never made it…

Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

I heard something weird happened to your Skype account. Hahahahaha!  Tanga!

It doesn’t take a bunch of common sense for a smart gal to think that such thing happened….maybe…

1. you did it yourself!

WHY: for other people like Jun to look bad in the face of your Boss, Mr. Shane J. Lawrence (imagine Shane saying, “don’t you think it’s Jun?”)

They say you weren’t on your place when it happened.  Oh c’mon, it can be easily done somewhere else in another computer.

…unless of course you were stupid enough to share the passwords…because you see you always tend to forget your passwords right?

Kaagi ka general anesthesia?  O mangloy ka lang gid?  Ah I know, that’s what you call KAHANGAGAN TO D MAX!!!!

2. someone else really did it from the outside

WHY: Who knows?  Do you have enemies?

You see people won’t be that traitorous against you if you didn’t do it to them in the first place.

And what did you say?  “I know indi na si Jacqui…indi muna magchat si Jacqui?” Hahahahahah!!!!  Uyyyyy she defended me…Thank you, friend. Pweh!

And who are you blaming?  The computer-expert guy?  Any proof?

You know, you’re getting used to pointing blaming fingers to other people.  Have you ever tried asking yourself if you were to be blame also?

I guess not…because at the end you are victorious enough to say, “Abi nila mapaaway nila kami ha…Si Jacqui gani d kalusot.” (Are they thinking they will let Shane and I quarrel?  Even Jacqui didn’t make it.)

Isn’t that one proof to your malicious hidden agenda?

I also heard you will sue me for my blog.  And in what offense?  For airing your ‘baho’?  For disclosing the real YOU?

I’ll face you in any court…basta English lang ang proceedings ha…bahala ka na sa tanan a…basta muna lang request ko a…That Q&A and all other court proceedings be delivered using English as the medium of communication.  hahahahahha….tan-awon ta if indi mo maprove ang napangsulat ko d…

One tip ko lang ang COLLEAGUE nga word is pronounced as (klg)….as in koleeeg…and NOT KOLAAAGZ….waahahahahahaha!!! Namean mo ya guro Miss ang COLLAGE….hahahahaha!!!!

BTW, I have people who can testify your alleged Managerial and Supervisory skills.  They can attest how effective is sleeping during work hours.  They’ve learned a lot from you actually.

I heard you will sue for me SLANDER?  HANGAG!

Ari ho tudluan ta pa ka: written defamation – libel; spoken defamation – slander.

Common denominator sang duha – FALSE STATEMENTS.  T ikaw be, sa sarili mo, FALSE STATEMENTS nakabutang d?  kadlaw lang utot ko sa imo!   Mind you darling, EVERYTHING IN THIS BLOG IS 100% TRUE AND HONEST.

O teh ano iakusar mo liwat? SLANDER?

Sino kaya to ang FRIEND mo nga pinakwaan mo teacher’s license…I wonder who…H/She must have been poor in money and spirit to defend him/herself against one CARABAO-SKIN BAD, BAD BREATH, LIAR like you.

Not me dahling…You are talking to someone who gave your 20K-worth job now.  Someone na tinawag mo GAGA.

I also heard that you terminated the people whom you promised a Pro-B status right after your transfer from a cafe to a Building near Rosy Delicacies in 41 Jalandoni St., Jaro, Iloilo City. But after a week of low production you defended only yourself and just told the agents, “Shane will call you on Sunday.”

Did you ever explain to Shane the reasons that:

1. you bought a freezing PC from a Surplus shop?

2. line is terrible?

3. you were sleeping during work hours?

I guess not…otherwise it will again show how RESPONSIBLE you are….hahahahahaha!

Sige be iexplain b why did you tell to the agents that the budget for their PC is 16K then you just bought a 6k-worh PC from a surplus shop.

Were you alarmed bout my background check on you? You must be born lucky because the number I texted is a friend of yours from Echo.

Grabe, you even went to the call center office with one of the agents just to check.  Bothered?  Then you will tell to the agents, “CAREFUL KAMO DA KAY BASI GINACHECK NA TO NI JACQUI REFERENCES NIYO.”

Why should I check theirs?  Ever since, they are aware that falsification of credibilities and background information is a ground for TERMINATION.  I wonder why SHANE J. LAWRENCE didn’t TERMINATE you.

I wonder what you are telling to Shane about the agents, about the former cafe owner, and most especially about ME.  But that’s no longer my business.  You can go together for Satan’s sake.

Here are some wishes to a friend:

1. Peace of mind — basi d ka na da katulog sang mga pinangdehado mo nga tao

2. Honesty — even a little of it…hope you can learn

3. Sense of Responsibilityshame on you to just accept a 20K salary without doing anything

busy ka guro sa aga…ano kaya…palakad papeles…

The nerve of you to sleep during office hours and to come in late during work days!!!

Don’t sleep and neglect/postponed the salary of the agent. kahuluya!!!

4. Be Professional — have the courage the people you fired…unless you did something against them…without them knowing it

pay your debts with you facing your creditors…isog ka man bala kag…

Most especially, friend

5. I wish you PROPER HYGIENE — don’t speak to the agents when you just woke up…bad breath…yuck!!!

Don’t just go for a foot spa. Try LASER to get rid of scaly kati-kati on your legs.  hahahahaha!

Are you wondering where am I getting my source?  SEEEEEECCREEET….akon na na ya…mamatay ka sa pag iisip…