On our way back to my apartment, while riding on a jeepney, the jeep stopped in front of Lapaz Public Market to pick up some more passengers.  Then all of a sudden, to the left of the driver, coming to our direction, is my best friend who is about to cross the road — Huh!  Si Babunas!!!

The jeepney stopped right in front of her!!!

I looked at her sharply…trying to tear apart her soul…reaching to her insides…

But that was the most that I can do…look at her sharply and didn’t take back my eye on her even if the jeepney was already moving forward perpendicular to her direction.

I saw her not getting her look on me.  She must have realized my presence inside the jeepney that stopped right in front of her.

She looked fat…bulging face na daw ensaymada nga wala mantikilya and asukal.  Wearing an all-black attire, hmmm too late for a Halloween Special Costume Party hija!!!

That was it…

I’m always expecting her to show up in places where I go…

But she doesn’t go to the mall, she’s not bagay there, e.

I don’t see her in bars and other gig places, kasi she will look out of place there.

Hmmmm not even in the salon where we used to see each other, basi nagchange lang schedule.

Not even in restos where I go to, I thought you earn 20K a month?  Ay kay mabakal ka gali salakyan no?

Soon enough our roads will cross…I just pray that I will not lose my cool when that day comes…I heard manug away ka and eskandalosa.  Indeed, fitting to be the Manager of an institution with seasoned professionals.   hahahahaha!!!

Hoy hangag!

Next time if you check your VoIP number, make sure that you are testing it on the right test numbers.  Or siguro you’ve forgotten all about people’s contact number as much as you always forget your passwords.  Memory gap ‘yan!!!

FYI: Your number


has been reported to authorities.

La ka nahuya maggamit Dun & Bradstreet Directory, you can’t even speak straight English???  Ewwwww!!!

Well, you’ll be lucky if this one is still not being used.  Heard your wise…Kita mo English mo d matupungan.

Ano gani a?  DISPOSISTION????  Hahahahah!!!!  Yuck!!!

What? Who did the scripts that you’re giving to the agents?  The clients?  hahahahahahha!!!!  Who are you trying to fool?  Even pre-school students know grammatically correct statements.  Pwede!!!