Many people in the States say it’s not known there. That’s because they’re familiar only with TAG, Rolex, Omega, and more. But here in the Philippines, there’s one watch that I really CRAVE – the term talaga is CRAVE πŸ˜‰ – for, and that’s Philip Stein.

Philip Stein watches are seen worn by famous celebrities especially by Ms. Kris Aquino. Not that I’m trying to be IN sa trend or nakikisawsaw sa kasosyalan ni Kris. But I’m kind of intrigued or curious about the health benefits of this watch.

According to many ads, Philip Stein watches have the power to boost your energy thereby making you calm or at peace with all the elements in the Earth. Others say that the watch made them sleep well. The watch actually makes anyone from all walks of life really competitive. Intriguing isn’t it? And since I’m someone who is always on the rush, I wanted something that will break even with all the negative vibes that surround me or perhaps ease away the stress from a day’s work. So why not give Philip Stein a try? After all, those sparkling diamonds that you can see in its dials can be considered as investment.

Here’s something that I personally love…and I tell you, I really go crazy over this, each time I see it on TV:

Black strapped Philip Stein Watch – Harmony Collection


The one shown here has mini-stainless steel case with full-cut diamonds (.51 carat total weight) at its white dial. Grabe!!!!

It has interchangeable silk strap (size 4, 12 mm in width).

In addition, it has 2 quartz movements, 3 ATM water resistant, and is scratch-resistant.

Other than diamonds, it has sapphire-coated curved mineral crystal.

Truly delightful isn’t it? Now for the PRICE….

If you’re like me who believes in the saying “Diamonds are forever” or “Diamonds are women’s best friends” then you’ve got to pay for $795.00 to $2635.00. Sangkatutak na pera yan!!!!

Now if you’re just after its classic look and energy-boosting power, then it will cost you $695 – $830. OMG!!!

Super mahal!…As in!

But since Christmas naman, I hope and fervently pray that some good and benevolent soul out there like Santa can reward a good girl like me with this kind of gift. No fakes pleeeesss…Beauty has a price, right?

Hope that isn’t too much to ask πŸ˜‰