It’s Christmas – time for love and happiness. But for me, it’s the start of my revenge…Bad they say, but when life is cruel you’ve got to learn how to be bad.

First stop, trip to Sampaguita Garden. It’s a trip primarily planned to erase the negative memories of the past. So at various spots, I was able to make another mark thereby completely removing all negative vibes.

Goodbye pigs!

Goodbye princess of halitosis!

Goodbye animal!

All of you will surely receive what you deserve.

Imagine that at the end of the happy day, I saw one of the traitors!!! Wow! Is it coincidence? Probably not…an indication that I’ve got to learn how to be strong…kung maldita kamo, mas maldita ako!

I saw one…actually 2…but the other one has no direct cooperation with what has happened. So I’ll spare her some mercy!

One down, more to go…

Next stop – Princess of Halitosis,

Days ago I sent her an email stating:
TO: Maria Juvy Valenzuela

The following are few of the things you owe me:
1. Apartment – PhP7,300.00
Details: Amount stated above is half of the payment paid to the apartment.

2. Transfer expenses – PhP500.00
Details: half of the payment given to the driver for transport of things from Dorm to Apartment

3. Credit Card – PhP1,087.75
Edge Credit Card – PhP438.00 (June 15, 2008; SM Dept Store)
Classic Credit Card – PhP649.75 (May 31, 2008; SM Dept Store)

For the above mentioned debts, I would like the payments to be in by:
half of the total amount on or before Dec. 15, 2008
remaining half on or before Dec. 31, 2008

I will be sending someone or I will personally go to your place to collect the money every payment. If you prefer not to be disturbed, kindly send the payments to my bank account.

4. Support your brother’s schooling
Weekly allowance: PhP1,000.00

I no longer intend to support your brother’s schooling after what he did to me.

Kindly send in proofs of payments made or receipts each time you send allowance, tuition, or other fees. Send the proofs or the receipts to me every week.

In order to check that you are religiously complying with your responsibility, I will be calling the school to check payments and conditions of your brother.

In cases when you can’t pay at the said time, kindly inform me so I won’t be waiting for nothing. If, however, I did not receive both payments and advance notice of any delay, I will be forced to request for LEGAL HELP to settle this matter.

As soon as payments for this debt list is done, I will be sending in the next batch which primarily includes the total amount of money I spent when I supported your schooling in college.

Thank you.

All the best,
Jacqui Valenzuela

Isn’t that kind of formal?

But well, showing her true mud-like color, here’s what she said:
maria juvy valenzuela to me show details 12:45 AM (3 hours ago)


I can only pay 4000 on dec 31.

why do i have to send “proofs”? I think i won’t be doing that anymore…

thank you.

See, how “feeling” Princess is? The nerve of her to just inform me how much and when she can pay. Top that with her guts to question the need for proofs. Kabalan gid!

Well, that’s expected…

Actually I was thinking where is she getting the courage to act as if she’s right…I already have an idea who’s behind or beside her. Piggy? Si Manugmulay? O si onion-skin? Bisan kamo pa tanan batuan ko kamo!

I will make her pay…if not, I’m ready to put everything into legalities.

This one target is still not done. Still a long way to go considering the length of her debt. But one thing is certain – I will make her pay…for EVERYTHING!