I am drowning in piles of work lately. Christmas is just around the corner and that means more work to finish. But I can’t seem to understand why some news and whatsoever just come around buzzing around me as I’m an attractive flower attracting a swarm of butterflies.

OK…so what’s the topic? Of course, MyBizConnects…hmmmm should we still use that name in this blog? Here’s why:

MyBizConnects Changes Name
For some reasons, which are of course somehow very obvious to any smarty people who are blessed with spending or sharing some parts of their life with me and with the rest of this “very professional” company, MyBizConnects.com changed its name.

Yes, that’s true!!!

So what’s the new name?
GS BizConnections? Not sure ha…pero if that’s really the name, don’t you think it sounds sooo familiar…not to mention sooooooooooo CHEAP!

GS as in Grace Shane? Hahahahaha!!!! Uyyyyy…

Uy maybe they’re laughing at me now because I must have gotten the wrong info regarding their name…But who cares care bears? The bottom line is, MYBIZCONNECTS CHANGED NAME.

But that’s not just it. What could have been the possible reason? Try to Google MyBizConnects or any of its form. Try niyo rin iGoogle and Mary Grace Babunas as well as Shane J. Lawrence. What will you see? The truth behind that so-called company comprised of professional workforce. Ewwww!

In other words, my gosh…obvious na talaga…do I have to say more? Or should I brought out one SUPER DUPER BIG PROOF of their change of name? Hehehe…wag na…top secret ko yun…lalabas ko lang at the right time and with the right persons! Meanwhile, let’s just let the company enjoy the self-proclaimed vanity of being taken as a professional legal business here in Iloilo City. After all, who cares, right?

More gossips to come…more secrets to be disclosed…

Basically, this is what you get when you are sooooooo mean that you can’t even afford to show your nice color to the person who brought you where you are right now.

To the manager with Shitty English, kudos! I have more for you…So sit back, relax, enjoy reading my blog…Just make sure you have a dictionary beside you or perhaps that person who made the so-called Business Proposal. hahahahha!!!!

No wonder you had to let go of the rest except for one. One piece of advice…and I’m sure you’ll thank me for this: why not enroll in English tutorial school? It will help you a lot…But well if you’re kind of busy earning money despite of going to the office LATE, it’s OK. It’s understandable for “busy” people like you 😉

And to my previous boss, well, I actually have more here. I just hope that you will remember the things that you owe me before I get fed up and disclose how good you are as a boss.

Anyway, so much for this ill-gotten people.

Basi bala iakusar ta ni Manager sang slander. Wahahahahahahahaha! Awww ah!