It was two days before my birthday. The first day of the week. But it was one of those frustrating and stressful day of my life.

An unexpected and unwelcome guest came to my place. Who else? But MARIA JUVY VALENZUELA. The traitor! The libakera! The liar! The bad breath! Hmp!

I sent a message to the apartment receptionist attendant asking why was she allowed to go up her. The attendant was actually right beside her as if he’s an escort, escorting a convict. He told me that the Princess of Halitosis insisted to go up to my place to say sorry. Awwww what a great starting act.

Hubby faced her. Hubby told her, “Jacqui said if you have your payment with you she will talk to you; otherwise, you have to leave.”

Guess what? The Princess, famous for her sideways look, looked sharply at Hubby, asking why is she not allowed to come in since she will just talk to me. Oh cmon Princess, aren’t you aware that you are no longer that privileged to talk to me that easily? Hubby still said NO. And you know what she responded? “Why? Are you scared of her?” Why, Princess, aren’t you scared of me? Obviously, you’re not because you’re so used to having the Jacqui, your sister, who is poor in spirit. Not anymore, bitch!

Now here comes the confrontation. Hubby asked her, “Is it true that you have spread a statement saying that Jacqui, because of a guy who happens to be me, is causing trouble that created a gap between families?” As usual, the Princess denied it saying, “I didn’t say that” with matching teary eyed look. Awwww too much for an act Princess.

Here’s one thing that’s soooo funny. With one of her hands raised as if she’s making a promise, she sworn never to have talked anything about me to other people. Huh?! Who are you trying to fool? Us? But minutes after making her super-funny-pseudo promise, she mentioned about, “OK punch me, slap me…I admit I have stated all of those that you are accusing me.” Hmmmm why change of words? Can’t you be consistent?

Hubby, gentleman as he is, stated that “I was nice to you….” actually hubby was supposed to tell her “…but you underestimated me as if I’m the lowest guy in the world. But look at me now, I’m already far from you.” Go Hubby! Say that right to her face! The nerve of the woman to underestimate people. She even underestimated her Boss one time. But after seeing the remarkable profile at LinkedIn she felt like a dying earthworm. I wonder where is she getting all the guts to underestimate people even if she’s ONLY LIKE THAT – UP graduate who didn’t pass the Civil Service Exam, UP graduate who is always denied by employers and was only hired because of the job given to her through my recommendation, self-proclaimed great Psychologist, blah blah blah.

But you’ll have to take note of this noteworthy WORDS OF WISDOM from the Princess. She said, “There is no one in this world who is kind [mabuot].” Hmmmm I beg to disagree Princess. How would you consider Mother Theresa? She even called Hubby a HYPOCRITE! And when Hubby explained his own connotation of what’s HYPOCRITE, the great Psychologist retorted back, “That’s not the meaning of HYPOCRITE!” Wow! Hey Princess, you can’t even pass the simplest Civil Service Exam and yet you have the nerve to explain a word’s definition?! Ewwwww!

I think I’ve had enough. The request was simple – if she has money to pay I’ll talk to her; otherwise, I won’t face her. But she insisted. That’s expected. She and her brother are really like that. They’re blind and deaf towards other people’s feelings. So I called the police.

Two policemen came requesting her to leave the area. But well the best actress again striked. She even asked the policemen, “Sir if you have a child…blah blah blah…this is already happening for a very long time and I just want to talk to her and say Sorry.” A round of applause!!!

“The person doesn’t want to talk to you Miss,” one of the policemen said. Exactly! That simple!

“Sir if you have a child…” Hmmmm here goes the great Psychologist again.

So the policemen asked Joshua, the attendant, “So, what should we do here?” Surprisingly, Joshua, gave a smart remark, “She has to leave. My tenant called up and ordered to make her leave.” Kudos to you Joshua!

The Princess was then escorted to go downstairs. But she threatened, “This will not be the last day that I will come here.” See, how KABALAN the Princess is. Hey bitchy shit, who told you that you’re welcome here? The nerve of you to say to the Police that you were once staying here? You stayed here? You can’t even pay even a single cent of your stay here and you had the guts to say that you once stayed here? hahahahaha!

Here’s another caught-by-the-mouth act. While crying like a damsel in distress downstairs, she asked Joshua, “Did you tell her [me] about what you heard?” To those who are now aware of the previous episodes of this drama series, the Princess is actually referrring to the Sunday night after typhoon Frank hit several parts of the Philippines, when she and her loyalist piggy friend mat-mat were talking at the reception area of the Apartelle. While they were talking, Joshua heard her saying, “Ang nainitan ko kay Jing-jing kay ginalibre nya ang laki.” And Joshua answered her with a straight YES. See the difference of an HONEST person versus a LIAR like you? Why did you ask him? Ayan tuloy, napamukha sayo the truth. hahahahaha!

So which is worst:
1. librehon laki nga may nabuligan or librehon IKAW nga wala binuligan? (Treat a guy who helped me a lot or treat YOU who gave no help?)
2. gapalibre nga laki nga wala pa obra o librehon IKAW nga may obra pero pinalibre japon? (Treat a guy who is still looking for a job or treat YOU who has already a job and is afraid to spend her money and just waits for me to treat her?)
3. treat a guy who, without any notice and out of his own sense of voluntareeism, is treating me anywhere for anything now in return to the favor I did for him before or treat YOU who cannot even remember to return the favor and yet can still afford to gossip against me?

Just like what you always say, let God be the judge.

Wow and the Princess even texted me using the number that I used to text which she always ignore. She was saying about SORRY…HOPE YOU CAN ALREADY FORGIVE…And to add to her pile of sins against me, she even mentioned about me telling the truth to Hubby. Ha????

OK so let’s see now who’s telling the truth:
Mat-mat told you a story about Renz boasting about me to a friend in Kalibo. That Mat-mat even told you that if I were there I won’t like what I will hear too. >>> I confronted the ‘friend’ and asked him what did he exactly say? As expected, statements that were supposed to be taken as a joke. Besides, am I that rich to be worthy of any showing off? And when I informed mat-mat about what I found out, she simply answered AYOS A. The Queen of the Liar and the Princess of Halitosis, what a match!

You confronted me about that in addition to asking, with matching sideways sharp look in JD-Emilion, is Renz your BF. I honestly said NO. We hold hands because we’re friend and we already have a mutual understanding. So is that Boyfriend-Girlfriend whatsoever? And you insisted on your reasoning saying that what I’m doing is non-Christian. >>> So when you stayed in one room for months with a Korean student of yours, was that very Christian?

Oh and have you forgotten what two statements you mentioned to me before we parted ways? I SHOULDN’T COUNT ON ANYTHING AGAINST YOU BECAUSE WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN THE PAST IS PAST. That I BUY FRIENDS?

Most importantly, stop telling to people that I WALKED OUT. Becauseiof you have a sharp memory you will clearly recall that you left our table first before me. It was only outside when we parted ways – you were left outside with no keys to my room.  And when you came to the apartment where is the newly bought venetian blinds?  Hmmm maybe I should add that up to your list of debts.  My memory always serves me right. That’s why I’m consistent. How about you?

The thing is – BE HONEST! Stop making new statements every now and then!!!

Oh you even said that lie detector tests aren’t right? hahaha! Only shows how proud you are.

Your brother is almost speaking up. I just want to know that. Soon enough your own brother will disclose your top secrets to me. Let’s see who will win in the end – the HONEST UGLY DUCKLING who has nobody or the BEAUTIFUL LIAR PRINCESS WITH HER PIGGY ALLY AND AND HER FAMILY.

Since you left a warning that you will come here again, I will make sure that during that time, you will see me, you will pay me, and you will spend a night or two in jail!

If I were you, stop believing that you are still dealing with the soft-hearted Jacqui. But rest assured that you will be dealt with accordingly, PROFESSIONALLY, MATURELY, and LEGALLY.