1. Devoid myself of too much feelings or emotions.

If possible, I won’t think whether others get hurt of my HONEST or TRUE reactions and comment. I will try not to cross the borderline between frankness and being tactless. Afterall, nobody cared about what I felt…nobody cared whether I feel hurt or not. So it’s time to return the favor.

2. I will work even harder.

No use spending time and energy on lousy stuff and people. It will do me no good. I’m sure, it will return zero ROI. So, why bother? I will make sure that I won’t spread myself too thinly on various jobs. I want to have a life after 5 or during weekends. What’s the use of money and too many savings account when I just spend them on hospital bills?

3. If possible, categorize people.

Why spend time on morons? Give attention to people who deserve it…even if that means having only one friend…as long as it’s TRUE.

4. Save.

I’ve been spending too much last year…clothes, travel, food, etc. This year, I’ll have to spend my money wisely and save for the rainy days. Besides, I’d like to save for my HK tour on my 30th birthday…of course with my hubby 😉 who will buy me a mickey mouse bag 😀

5. Sleep on time.

I’ll get rid of procrastination…I’ll say goodbye to being lethargic and lazy. I’ll wake up early, rest regularly, and sleep on time.

6. Eat on time.

I’ve been neglecting my health last year. That’s why I always get sick. Not to mention too much stress. This year, I’ll eat the right food at the right time. Bawal magkasakit!

7. Goodbye grumpy.

Last year was very stressful – at work, people, events, etc. This year, I’ll start things right. So I won’t feel angry and stressed most of the time. Afterall, I don’t want to have wrinkles….even if I reach 40 😉

8. And to the people I hate,

Deep inside me you will still hear my brain and my heart shouting out anger. You may never hear anything from me again…but wherever you go, the pain you inflicted on me will always be with you.


9. Bury all things, people, and events that is connected to SADNESS, ANGER, PAIN, and HURT.

In 2009, I’ll start a new life all over again. This time, I’ll start it out right. I’ll have to live my life to the fullest…Who cares about whatever and whoever?!