To all people who are sooooo worried about their name and morale being wrecked by false stories, gossips, chika, chismis, and the likes, DON’T WORRY. You should be flattered. Why?


If nalibak ka or if people talk against you, it means a lot of positive things:
1. You’re way above them, so they try to bring you down through negative stories.

2. You’re popular. Imagine you’re the topic of their story. 😉

3. You’re getting into their nerve that they can’t stop themselves from bad-mouthing.

Some people would do something just to get even. Revenge, for them, is the best solution. So they would also gossip, bad-mouth, to the point that eventually they exactly become like the LIBAKERAS.

What to do? Get on with your life. Work. Be happy. Ignore them.  Pahisaa pa gid. You’re right. These are easier said than done. So the most that you can do is – DEAL WITH IT.

You see, no matter what you do those people won’t stop. Being LIBAKERA is already part of them. So whether you cry all night, get grumpy all day, talk back, gossip back, answer back, those are useless. The more that you fight back, the more that you will prove them right.

Finally, just like what an adage says: Why worry when you can pray?