Yep, you heard it right…I got myself a girly girly treat.  Yeah…as in today!  Lucky me in a very lucky day 🙂  Ever since Wednesday has been a lucky day for me.

OK too much blah blah.  What was the treat?

Hmmmm well first off a hearty dinner at Robinson’s Mall food court.  Hehehe…a not-so-romantic place but it’s the thought that counts.  You see, I didn’t have a plan to go out that day but HE insisted 😉

Next stop, to a Marithe Francois Girbaud boutique.    Huuuuwaaaat???  What are we going to do here?  I didn’t have plans to buy anything…well not that I’m not ready but…I’m saving for the mallwide sale yah know.   But then again there’s no stopping here.  We’re already inside the store.  He just dragged – yep the term is dragged – and pulled me to the wallet side.  A wallet?  Isn’t it that a wallet once bought and/or given to you by someone it turns out to be a lucky wallet.  OK minus feng shui blah blah but is this for real?  Yep ladies it was for real.  I got a new wallet…a new Marithe Francois Girbaud wallet!!!! Yahoo! Since this post is just several hours after the dream treat I didn’t get any chance to take a picture of the wallet.  I’ll take a picture of it soon and I’ll post it here right away.  The cost?  Hahahaha!!! Is that important?  OK it’s a little above 1K pesos 😉

Final destination – Robinson’s Mall Movieworld 😀 Hehehehe…We watched “Confessions of a Shopaholic.”  Ouch!  Hubby is this a joke or what?  No, he’s not trying to punch something on me.  It was just something that he thought suits me.  How sweet 😀  Well, the movie wasn’t something that hit me actually.  It was great!  Girls, shopaholic or not, you’ve got to watch it.  It will not totally cut out your spending or shopping habits but it will teach you a lesson that will surely tell you to use your credit cards wisely.  As an added bonus, it will tell you that amidst all those shining paper bags and inviting manequins adorned with all of your must-haves, lies one true love 😀 Hehehehe…Call me hopeless romantic but oh well I’ll spare you the rest of the story…Just watch it!

So, who treated me?  No other than….Renzy hubby 😀 Sino pa b? Seriously, this is really odd.  I mean he doesn’t act this way…well he does…but not most of the time…and not when your girly instinct would tell you that this moment came from the bottom of his heart…Don’t yah think girls?

In the end I just want to share this to you not to solicit envy or gossips or raised eyebrows with matching comment, does she really have to discuss it over her blog?  No, that’s not my intention.  What I wanted to share with you is this – once something is from the bottom of one’s heart, everything else – brand, cost, place, and the others – no longer matter…because what matters most is L.O.V.E.