A lot of people love it when they are described as petite.  That means they may be cute or beautiful but relatively small in size (height or body size) compared to the normal size.  What makes the term so flattering?  There are lots of reasons, actually.

When you’re petite you look younger than your age.  You can still pay a discounted fare when you ride on a bus or any PUV simply because your looks still belongs to the student fare.  At your size you are more likely suited for clothes that can only be found in the Kids Section in malls thus making your outfit totally cute and definitely different from the ones worn by more mature and bigger people.

But contrary to the notion believed by many people that being petite is an advantage, I think I personally disagree with that one.  That may seem questionable but read on, so you will know my arguments.

I’ve had several encounters with various people whom I look up to with huge respect.  There are some who are obviously way out of my level.  But the common denominator is, they are really blessed with the right body size to earn other people’s respect.

RESPECT? Since when did body size become directly proportional with respect?

A sales lady was processing a customer’s grocery items.  She was addressing her with a “Ma’am.” The customer was more likely my age but she was really taller and bigger than I am. OK that customer is done, me next.  “Inyo ni tanan?”…”850 pesos”…Say those again, please…Tsk…Nagamayan sya sa akon bah! I gave her a 1000-peso bill.  She gave me 150 pesos.  I noticed that she gave me a 50-peso bill with a torn portion at the right side facing the paper bill.  So I just said, “Pakichange sining 50 mo.”  And she said, “Ha?”  And I answered, “Isli ang singkwenta nga ginhatag mo sa akon sang bag-o pareho sang pagkabag-o sang isa ka libo ko.” She looked at me…I didn’t care…and she gave me a new 50-peso bill….Wahahahahahah!!!!

In offices, it appears like all staff have all their time on a customer who has all the jewelry in the world, a huge bag, an elevated step-in (clogs), and with a face full of make-up.  Hmmmm indi lang gali body size, pati gali estimated size sang wallet no? And when it comes to me, I’d be waiting for about several minutes before I get entertained by a staff who is either napilitan lang or daw wala gana.  Hay naku…mga tao nga naman…Bale kung daku ka damol man wallet mo, kung gamay ka nipis wallet mo.  Ganun???

The most frustrating part is when bigger people play like a total bully on you.  May ara nga palibuton ka sa palad nila feeling nila ang size mo directly proportional to your brain. So what they would do is to treat you like a child and fool you until you fall prey into their trap.  Inang feeling nila bala tuluntuhon ka na gid kay total bata ka lang sa panan-aw nila…Isn’t that a disgusting idea?

And so for me? I’d rather be small and clean up to my conscience level than big yet dirty inside and out.  Nobody said that when you’re small you won’t be able to reach any of your dreams.  Because if that is true, then the saying SMALL BUT TERRIBLE never existed.

When faced with big people acting like real pain in the ass, I would just secretly laugh at them.  I pity them for such desperate acts.  As in, wala na gid haw? But in the end, the once immeasurable height of respect becomes teeny weeny speck of disgust.