It’s been a while since I last posted here…here inthe home page.  I’m actually updating this blog but am writing/posting somewhere in the sub-pages 😉  Unfortunately, I could no longer handle promotion because of a recent change in my schedule brought about by a career move (yuwdi!).

So what made me come back here again…Magsesermon lang po…

About what? About lessons I’ve learned so far…from the events and incidents in my life.

Ano ngayon? I’m still in the process of learning to accept the lessons myself.  It might take a while…


Due to a sudden change in my schedule I had to joggle from one job to another…and to another…Yep, that’s right! Tatlo na po ang work ko – may Customer Service Manager, may VA/admin, and may Affiliate Coordinator.  But believe me, di naman sya parang mamamatay ka na sa hirap na para bang ang laki ng pangangailangan mo.

Speaking of pangangailangan, I would ask myself sometimes why am I still doing this? I’ve already accomplished my responsibility as a sibling.  I’m actually almost done with my project as a daughter…Oo nga naman…marami pang kulang…Primarily, things I need for myself…Prize lang for me…for a job well done 😉 har-har!

Because of this major shift in my career, I am obliged to face lots of responsibilities at work.  I had to maintain good relationship with the customers, affiliates, and of course with my boss.  And I can work on all of those simply by making it good sa work.  Early lagi bawal ang late.  Deadlines dapat imeet.  Challenges to cope with.  And more…Di nga pala simple… 😦

Salary-wise, benefits-wise, rapport-wise, lahat na ng wise na maisip mo when it comes to perks that a job can offer you, I can’t ask for more.  This is like a career that is perfectly an answer to my prayers.  Yun nga lang, great power comes with great responsibilities.  So ang nangyayari, parang STRESSED akech lagi…sigh…

Bugnutin! As in grumpy and easily irritated…Daw early menopausal haw 😀 Terrible!  With these known to me, I had to do something to match STRESS.  Sleep, well-balanced diet, and a pleasant environment yun ang inuna ko.  Mahirap pa ngayon e…especially ang sleep…Imaginin mo naman 3 jobs d ba? The last two are done 😀  clap clap clap!!!

But then again, I forgot one thing – people…as in relationship with people.  This can be a major factor that can brought about stress.

One time, some people whom I respected a lot played as complete bullies on me when I was in National Bookstore.   There was also a time when a close friend of mine way back in college umiwas sa akin when we were abot to bump  into each other while strolling in a big mall.  Then there was this real estate agent who issued a check without my permission just so a deal can be closed…And many more…nakalimutan ko na…dahil sa sobrang busy…

What I learned is that I can no longer have a great impact on people with whom I’m not welcome.  I may be able to create a major effect on my environment and on my personal behavior/attitude towards life but with regards to people, all I can do is LET IT BE.

Syempre, alangan namang d na ko pumuntang SM City e shopaholic ako 😀 D rin pwedeng magmukmok ako sa apartment just so I can make iwas to this people.  Pero pag lumabas ako d rin pwedeng mag busy busyhan ako in case our paths cross di ba?  Those are senseless…So the best solution is, let it be…cope with it…accept it.

Right! Easier said than done…Hirap kaya ng mag co-exist with someone who dislikes you…Sumisikip ang Earth di ba?  But I learned that when you just leave it as it is for a while and you just keep your part of the job done soon enough, time will just heal all wounds…In my case, bad things happened with those people who dislike me way back years and years and years ago…until now they can’t seem to forget it…But I realized, I didn’t do anything personal to them…My job is doing great, my life is great, so I’ll just let them be…let their rotting ego hurt them until they die of envy 😀


To the people who can’t accept me, bahala na si God sa inyo…I will always thank you for all the things we had in the past…But if some circumstances caused a change in our relationship, I’ll take my part of the SORRY…from the bottom of my heart…And I hope that one day, I can make you proud of me again…so that everything negative will be put behind and completely…permanently forgotten.

As long as I can keep my distance, I’ll do it…But if one day I can no longer make our paths behave like parallel lines, forgive if I would just act as if we never met…