Optimism vs Pessimism

Life is interesting.  It may be complicated at times but it can actually be made simpler.  Right, easier said than done, but at least it can be worked out.

If we look at people on their positive side, we won’t be feeling stressed and totally disappointed about why such creatures were made by our GFA. Ngaa may kriminal?  Ngaa may palahubog?  Ngaa may tambay?  These are questions that only HIM can answer.  So if it is something unfathomable, leave it to HIM.  There’s no point trying to answer these life’s hard-headed FAQs.  They are way beyond your understanding.

In times like you already have no control over things, just embrace it…and make the most out of it.  If you can still make things right, do it.  Instead of wallowing over self pity or pointing accusing fingers to anybody just do your part and you’ll see that life gets lighter to carry.

How can you ever make true friends or lasting relationship with people when at the first meeting you already judge them?  Yes, instincts or your gut feeling may tell you that someone isn’t trustworthy or that girl is the queen of envy.  Those allegations and hunches may be true.  If true then let go, proceed to the next and just take the happy parts of whatever you had with them.  It’s totally senseless crying over spilt milk.  Besides, sometimes we are judged according to how we judge others.  You don’t want to be called PLASCTIC do you?  So unless you have full proofs that someone is like this or like that never ever dare to judge.

Be as Pliant as the Bamboo

Stress are much felt by persons who like other people to do stuff according to a specific set of rules or standards.  In other words, there is no sense of flexibility.  Believe me, I’ve been through this…and the stress is terrible!

So why not bend a little?  Try to see other people’s ideas in the positive light and never take them as a complete rejection of yours.  When things turn out bad after someone else’s ideas were used, then never say HAMBAL KO GID TANI GINSUNOD NIYO KO.  Instead, offer yours as a suggestion…never as a rule!

There is a thin borderline between someone who is not flexible and someone who is a perfectionist.  And when the other crosses that boundary, controlling one’s sanity becomes a big issue.

Sad, Weak, Fearful, Troubled

No one would ever want to experience these feelings I’m sure of that.  You can go out with friends and indulge in things you feel happy doing so.  Or you can go to the gym and get yourself that most sought-after 6-pack abs.  And you can also try to hide from things that make you feel scared.  But believe me, the effects of these stuff are just temporary.

Pray.  Now, that’s 100% permanent.  Don’t just pray.  Pray with all your heart, with all your faith.

I feel sad each time I remember my situation or what have happened in the past.  I feel weak each time I remember work 😀 I feel troubled each time I remember people who hate me or dislike me.  I feel fearful each time I go out thinking that our paths might accidentally cross.  But who cares?  You are not in this world to life up to their expectations.  Plus you never have to explain why you did this or that if they were your true friends.

The world will not stop revolving if you continue to feel this way.  Go on…Live life…And leave the rest to HIM.  He will be your most loyal bodyguard.

Happiness vs Guilty Feeling

Have you ever experienced a situation wherein you have to choose between option A and option B?  I did…in countless times.  And generally, if we choose something over another, it’s either we chose it because we’re happy with it but feel guilty for not choosing the other OR  vice versa.  Stupid idea!

Feeling guilty is a sign of weakness and indecisiveness.  Be firm, be consistent, and stand by your decision.  Never let others influence you.  What’s good to them may not be good for you.  So why let your choices in life be controlled by them? Silly!

So when you’re faced to choose between options, choose the one that will make you happy.  What should you do with the guilt?  Pray for it…Let it be…Eventually, it will subside.  But don’t let it last for long…it can kill you!


Muni nafeel ko subong…GTG guys…til next time 😉