Last Graduation month a University in Roxas City held its graduation ceremonies.  I can no longer recall the exact date of the said event due to series of events which ironically remain super clear to be until today.  A graduate who finished his course in E.E. delivered a speech and is someone who happens to be very very known to me.

Months before the said graduation ceremony, life with this E.E. graduate has been a total mess! As I am writing this post, I actually have no idea where and what to start…just so I can completely and clearly share with you everything.

Allow me to start in a some events that have happened in the past. This E.E. grad is stuck with the notion that someone whom he thought is responsible for his education and all made him suffer a lot – hunger, sadness, turmoil, etc.  He has become a prisoner of his idea that the said person lived an abundant life and chose not to share anything with him.  Unknown to this grad, the person also suffered a lot…even up to now…for actions and decisions that she made just so he can fill up the blanks that some elder persons couldn’t give.

The person condemned of being greedy worked a lot until one day she was able to reach the height of her career and can already give “everything” to the grad.  She gave her everything, things which were not experienced and given to her during the time she was as young as the grad.  But despite of all the hard work and care, she was surprised to hear the following from the grad:


One time, she questioned him NGAA AMO NA TSURA MO? KANIWANG SA IMO AND KAITOM. GINAANO MO IMO BALON? The grad took it badly…because the questions were uttered in front of her friends…He must have been humiliated…But not known to him, she spoke of a no-malice truth. She was sad when one Holy Week, she received a text message from him saying LA LANG KO GAANO LINUMSAN TA NA KA SA SABAW…No wonder he could afford to say INDI KA MAGHULUHAMBAL NGA MAGKAON KO DAMO KAY WALA KA MAN PINADALA SANG NAGUTUMAN KO D…KATILAW KA NA PANYAPON MO SERALES? She thought, KATILAW KA NAMAN KAON PAN-OS NGA KAN-ON OR MAY MOLDS NGA TINAPAY MAKAKAON KA LANG? These along with


People can be very selfish sometimes. Couple that with self-pity, the whole thing can be deadly…

A common person plus a friend had a dispute against her one time. This common person accused her of GAPAMAKAL FRIENDS and MAISIP…which were eventually rephrased into IKAW [HER] LANG NA YA GAISIP SINA. When she fulfilled the prophecy and made the accusations real, the grad and this common person along with the family of the friend, joined forces against her.

The grad said KALUOY KA [HER] MAN NO? GINBULULIGAN KA NAMON. He continued, GINSAKRIPISYO KO BISAN PAGSKWELA KO…And the other two, are silent even up to these days…

She vowed never to intervene with the 3…But because of her care and sense of responsibility, she asked the grad one time whether or not this common person sends him money for his needs. After several questioning, it became obvious that the common person simply asks the grad if he still has money but really has no intention of giving; otherwise she didn’t have to ask. But in the end of the interrogation via text messaging, she cornered him and so all the grad could say was NGAMAN GAPAMANGKUT KA GID ABI? A strong proof how the grad really SACRIFICES for them…stupidity! Since then on, she vowed never ever to intervene with them…and promised to herself to just ignore stories coming to her saying that the common person GAHATAG HATAG man kay grad and grad would say SI COMMON PERSON GAPASKWELA sa iya.

When the grad texted her about a field trip she stood firm…never allowing the grad to take her hard-earned money that easily…She almost said NO…The grad was desperate…He was saying NANGAKO KA KAG…Yes, she did…in the past…because she was thinking that the grad was made by God and not by Satan! After transacting with helpful people everything was put into place. If not for these helpful people, the grad wouldn’t have COMPLETELY relayed all information regarding the said field trip to her.

The most shocking story she received was: When the teacher in charged of the field trip asked about who was asking for info regarding the field trip, the teacher was surprised to know that the grad has a sister, after the helpful person told him about her. The teacher said A SYA [THE GRAD] ANG SELF SUPPORTING…If you were her, how would you feel? But twas no time for mourning over such an ingrateful act. So she just ignored it…but kept it inside her mind…and her heart.

Graduation time. She secretly investigated on the status of the grad. Surprisingly, the grad wasn’t able to pay his tuition starting Midterm…but it’s already almost finals. She confirmed everything by asking the help of a teacher friend and one of the helpful people. It was confirmed, the grad really has standing balance!!!

A lot of question played inside her mind – Where is the common person? What was the real score behind them saying that si COMMON PERSON GAPASKWELA KAY THE GRAD? Those and more…But she kept those inside her…Nonsense asking those questions…It’s probably better to make her move. Taking a one-day out from work, she and a helpful person went to the grad’s school and paid for everything.

Weeks before graduation, she shopped for probable graduation outfit for the grad…of course, without the grad knowing it…She was happy doing it…despite of everything that has happened…even after she was told about the grad’s message saying INDI PAG IHAMBAL SA IYA [HER] NGA MAGRADUATE NA KO…

A week before graduation, she knew that there’s such thing as graduation fee and other fees outside of that school-billed grad fee. She requested the helpful people to investigate and received a OO NAKABAYAD NA KO according to the grad when he was asked. He was asked with the same question, in various forms and at various situations, and he was consistent with his answer YES NAKABAYAD NA KO.

Late afternoon, day before the grad’s graduation, he sent a message to the helpful person saying TE BAYDI KO D DANAY SA SCHOOL…After some time, of the same day, the grad sent another message saying INDI NA LANG TE NAG ABOT NA KWARTA KO…Knowing that this is another lie from the grad, the helpful person went to the school first thing the next day to check whether or not he really had paid for the said fee…NO, the grad has not paid for it…

Afternoon, graduation day of the grad, she and the helpful person were still transacting on the grad’s fee…While the grad, his father, and the common person attended the graduation ceremony…as if they have the right to…The grad delivered a speech…The common person borrowed the video cam of the helpful person…

Before leaving, knowing that the grad needs some amount just so he can settle clearances from school, the common person left a note to the helpful person saying TAGAI LANG DANAY SYA [THE GRAD] TE BAYADAN KO LANG SA FRIDAY…kapal!

More surprises await her after the graduation of the grad. The grad became pitiful when one time he asked for money from her because he was very hungry…Hmmmm didn’t the grad remembered what he said WALA MAN KO YA GAPANGAYO SYA [HER] LANG MAN GAHATAG…

Similar instances happened for several times…He asked for
10k PANGREVIEW or 1000pesos weekly for 2 months…But she said, you [THE GRAD] ask from the common person so she can be proudly tell honestly to the world that indeed she brought you to school. With that remark, the grad again went furious (not just angry)…so one time, the grad left offline messages to her saying ABI MO MANAMI BATYAGON NGA PANGAKUAN NGA PATAPUSON…Shocking!!!! She was numb…Why, who made him finish school? Ang pagiging self supporting nya? O si common person? O ang nag abot nya nga kwarta?

She was puzzled…But she didn’t allow the grad to get into her…She knew what he’s up to…She knew what the others were up to…

The grad went from being nice to her to suddenly angry to being nice again and angry again…She just laughed at it…But vowed never to let the grad take advantage of her again…

Until one day, the grad, in his desperate case, went out of his mask and exposed his true color…He texted the helpful persons saying INDI KAMO MAGHARI HARI DA SA BALAY KAY GINPAHIMO NA PARA SA AKON AND KAY MAMA…The grad’s latest message referred to the helpful persons as her FANS nga mga wala utok…

And when she questioned him saying WALA HUYA! PAGKATAPOS KA PINASWEKLA AND PINAKAON MUNA IBALOS MO, MULAY? the grad simply said DAKUP KA GID. PAAKIGON MO TAO TAPOS KUNG MULAYON KA LAIN DAYON…wow!!! What a very very reverse psychology…But what can you expect from a desperado? All stories and acts just so he can get into you…

To the University, wish you had the time to investigate not just academically whether a particular student is deserving to deliver a speech in front of other graduates or not. The totality of an individual is not just comprised of his brains, but also by his character. If you were able to find out that the grad’s attitude is as rotten as a bullshit, would you still ask him to deliver a speech?

I don’t have any message to the grad and to the common person and to the friend or her family. They’re all sick to the bones and there is no use telling them what they have done.

The helpful persons along with their family, advised me to just go on with any plans I have…without doing anything wrong to others…And no matter what stories or call names they get from the grad and from the other people, they will remain helpful to me.

To myself: I pray and I hope that people will become more peaceful with others. My life is now directed to working hard just so I can afford to live a life anew.