I’ve always believed that when everyone else failed and disappointed you, you’ll always have your family to be the last persons standing through thick and thin.  That when all else fails, they will be the very ones to tell you that such thing called silver lining is just behind all the troubles.  But I was wrong…

One free day, I had the time to contemplate over things and realized how I have chose wrong in the past.  I should have done this instead of that.  It must have been better if I did that instead of this.  What would life be if I chose this over that?  But it’s futile to keep on thinking about what if’s and should have’s.  Besides, I don’t want to be a prisoner of a dark and ugly past.

I realized that my priorities were centered on them.  If I were like the others who were never scared of being selfish with reasons, what would life be for me?  Well, no regrets…because of my foolish choices I have reached this far…Not a totally beautiful destination with absolutely rough and rugged terrains, but at least, somehow I made it.

No regrets over the past…as if I can turn back time and make things right…It’s God’s plans…and all of HIS plans are backed up with reasons.  No use crying over spilt milk.  The best thing to do is learn from your mistakes.  And just like what Miley Cyrus’s song says – It’s the Climb that matters most 😉

One very important realization that I missed in the past was the idea of knowing the personalities of people who shared the life with me.  If I were more intelligent in knowing them, I could have saved myself from all those tears, heartaches, and disappointments.

I met Bebbie Downer.  Well, she’s someone who always make me down – haha from the name itself.  Whatever things I tell her, she makes me feel like nah I’ll never make it.  Duh! They’re like dream killers.

Then there’s this Hali Tosis Judgmental.  Imagine talking to her about how beautiful a thing is and she would simply counteract that saying something that will contradict yours.  Not that I hate people contradicting my ideas but imagine feeling positive over what you’re having compared to the past and yet here’s someone who complaints about the ants, the tambay sa kanto, etc.  Ano tani?

I also met some disrespectful babes.  From the name itself, what do you think are they like?  CORRECT! Totally disgusting attitudes…feeling like they’re on top of an unreachable pedestal and nothing not even anyone can make them fall down.  Huh!  Who are you in the past, anyway?

Then there’s this Maggot Narcissistic.  He’s a he.  Yup, he feels like the hunk and a ROYal blood and yet a poor maggot.  Sorry, I’m also poor but people like this make me really sick. Can’t you just be yourself and accept what you can and cannot do or become?  It won’t hurt being humble yah know…

Up to now, I’m still being disturbed by Never Enough June baby.  Have you ever met a person who blames you for everything?  And when you make up, it’s still not enough…and when you don’t do any thing, they find it against them, then when you make them face their wrong actions they will brutally blackmail you with PATAY KUNG PATAY A.  You’ll find yourself torn between 2 demons – will you make a choice or will you opt for nothing?

Copycats – haha…very commen ey?  They love asking you for ideas and make them their own.  She acts like an angel in front of you but turns into an envious monster once you turn your back against her.  They measure their actions and compare it to what hubby and I have.  Common people, can’t you be original?  Did you know that this thing called sense of INDIVIDUALISM actually exists?

Plasticized friends and users.  I know I know they’re just everywhere.  They can be your existing friends.  Or someone who makes you feel important.  Perhaps some people who look at you with a smile but $$$$ inside their head.  Haha!!!  Be very careful with them because they can make you feel needed and worth it.  Test them.  Try showing them nothing one time and see how they will react. See if they can still afford to say even a single HI to you 🙂

Well, this is life…But I know, I’ll always have the choice to be with or not with them…To bust off stress, keep distance from this people and live a more peaceful life.