Roxas City, Capiz has been known to many Filipinos as the Seafood Capital of the Philippines.  True enough because of its beaufitul beaches – some are discovereed while others remain unexposed – and inexpensive yet 100% fresh seafood.  This post will take you to a virtual tour around one of the beautiful resorts in Roxas City – Flat Rock Beach Resort.

Unlike many resorts that commonly have pool areas, Flat Rock Beach Resort allows its guests to enjoy Roxas City’s Baybay or beach area.  The resort is at Culasi, Roxas City – a place accessible to tricycles, multicabs, or even for private vehicles of walk-in guests.

Here are some of my personal photos taken from the beaufitul Flat Rock Beach Resort:

Few meters away from the resort, this is the view that you will see – a glimpse of the resort’s cottages, sparkling ocean water, and the name of the resort inscribed on the rocky side of a mountain.

This is a closer look at the Hollywood-inspired inscribed name of the resort.

Each cottage has its own grill area and faucet.  So you need not go somewhere else or share a faucet with other guests when you need to wash your hands or eating utensils.  The grill area allows you to cook fresh seafood or if you’re rushing enough to enjoy the beach you can opt for home-cooked food as baon 🙂

In front of the cottages is a wide set of stairs that will give you access to the beach.  One section of it has been designed as seen from the photo above.

This is a view of the wide stairs.

Facing the vast ocean, to your right, is a slide for kids and adults.  It used to be an attractive sight for the guests, but because the ocean and seawater of Roxas City are loved by many sea-dwelling creatures, the slide is now a home to sweet oysters.

To your left is a part which they call the fishing area. The photo below is what you will see at this area.

The fishing area is seldom visited by guests because it usually gets flooded especially when it’s high tide.

From the cottage area, to your right, is a view of the resort’s admin office, the slide, and other resting place where you can bring your book or food and enjoy the relaxing ambiance of the whole place.

Alright, so much with the blah blah…Let’s now enjoy the beach 😀