Life has been packed with blessings and things lately…they’re more than enough…I couldn’t ask for more.  But life has to be fair.  In exchange for the good times I’ve also experienced some down times.  Good thing, the bad times couldn’t overshadow the good times.  So here I am, feeling the pain and every hardship…but still standing strong, firm, and happy for everything that God has given me.

I’ve been juggling through several jobs lately.  In exchange for an income/salary that no one can ever imagine how much, I am forced to stay up late and sleep for few hours only.  The problem – I feel tired, sleepy, stressed, grumpy.  Who’s fault? Mine, of course.  Solution: TQM…as in Time Quality Management.

I should be thankful instead of whining over this and that.  Other people stay up late for work and yet they receive an amount not even worth their effort.  I’m blessed to have all of these blessings…As the saying goes, WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS.  So STRIKE THE IRON WHILE IT’S STILL HOT.

Tired? Take a nap to re-charge.  Eat well and take vitamins to stay health and to boost your immune system and endurance.  Look at the positive side of the kind of life you’re having so you won’t feel grumpy.  Aren’t you so blessed to have at least 5K pesos to spend each month for shopping? 😉

Adding stress to my life are some people whom I thought were already part of my history.  But their names still ring a bell each time I hear them.  I don’t want to feel this way…A vengeful heart is never a winner’s heart.

The duo – I hate it when I see similar things and places coming from other people after seeing the same stuff from us.  Aren’t you guys aware of the so-called SENSE OF ORIGINALITY? Worst thing was, how dare you get my ideas and secretly work on them as if your thieves and liars working at night against me and befriending me during the day time.  From food to travel places…C’mon be resourceful guys.  Nega…Nega…Nega…

At the positive side, shouldn’t I be proud because I can now influence people?  Imitation is the best flattery isn’t it?  To close everything out, from now on I’ll keep my mouth shut whenever he contacts me.  Let the pictures speak for themselves.  After all, there’s no point competing.

Tee by Maldita – Now this one is very clever.  She views the friendster account of Hubby and moi using an account under the name of a foreign person.  But I’m more clever because the Google Map app at our account can’t lie where the viewer came from.  The question is, Why do you have to HIDE your self?  Is there anything wrong with viewing our account? What will happen in case I see your profile listed under our Who’s Viewed Me list?

The answers to my question all boil down to one conclusion – the viewer is so proud to show herself out thinking that I’ll be happy seeing her pseudo-lucky relationship and happy “kuno” life.  Duh! Sorry darling, that’s not me.  I guess that points to you 😀

Since Maldita is someone I can’t influence, she should not be worth my time and stress.  Mamatay ka sa inggit!

Work is one of my best friends.  It’s not a job but a hobby 🙂 And so, whenever I see people smirking at me, I just laugh.  You see, it’s so funny to know that those who are way down your level…those who have never even went as far as what I’ve traveled so far…are the very ones who are fond of smirking.  Ano tani?

On the other hand, there are those who are undeniably unreachable stars for me…and at first look, they do have the big K to smirk or to look down at me…But on second thoughts, I can’t help but laugh at this people…because by doing so they’ve become specks of dust for me.

Now, let’s freeze that and take the image as a challenge to do better in whatever it is that I do.    Those people aren’t worthy of my emotional investments…They can never bring me down 🙂

I’m happy to share some principles in life with wich I’ve adhered to for the past years of my life:

1. Wherever and whatever life brings you, always keep your feet on the ground.

2. Work not to impress.

3. Pray and HE will put things into order no matter what.