Hubby and I were in the mood to play a guessing game  several minutes after dinner.  The rule was, I will think of a portion in his face that I will kiss.  But I can only kiss such portion if he guesses the portion correctly.  We both had to be honest; otherwise he won’t get any kiss from me 😀

PART 1: nose
Hubby’s Answer: NOSE

PART 2: forehead
Hubby’s answer: FOREHEAD

PART 3: cheek
Hubby’s answer: CHEEK
Is this for real?

PART 4: lips…no…I changed it to ears
Hubby’s answer: LIPS
Huh? I shouldn’t have changed my answer. But Hubby said, he really would have said EARS. Hmmmmm

What more can I say? There’s really a connection between two hearts that beat as one.

A simple game…But the results are amazingly touching. Sentimental as I am, I secretly shed tears of joy inside the bathroom as Hubby was washing the dishes.