To all fellow Ilonggos and people coming from other places who are curious about what’s inside the Iloilo Museum, allow me to take you to a virtual tour at one of Iloilo’s destinations – the Iloilo Museum.

After paying the entrance fee, this large painting will greet you as soon as you enter the museum.

You will then see these relics comprised of various statues that serve as memoir of Ilonggo’s great people.

No history didn’t pass by without war.  Here are some war memorabilia that you can see at the museum.

Now these shots really made me laugh…let’s start off with a native facing a foreigner

But the foreigner didn’t mind the native’s arrow…

The native is so eager to hit the foreigner with his arrow…

The foreigner said, “I come in peace…but if you will kill me then I’ll have to fight back for my life.”

The native’s arrow is now very close to hitting the foreigner.  That left the foreigner with no choice…but to fight back…

The native’s arrow was no match to the foreigner’s canyon.  He won…first, a huge amount of money…but there was a problem…

It looks like the foreigner couldn’t withdraw any amount from his prize money 😀

Going back to our virtual tour…Our next stop is where our brave heroes store their handmade weapons.

From weapons, let’s check out the humble homes of the natives.

We have also seen a section in the museum where you can see lots of paintings made by Ilonggo artists.  Unfortunately, we got so mesmerized with the paintings that we forgot to take pictures.  Well, maybe that’s one thing you’ll have to find out when you visit the Iloilo Museum for yourself.