For those who love shopping online especially those who are shopping via multiply, beware!  Take extra care in dealing with sellers and/or buyers.  Some of them aren’t worthy of your hard-earned money.

One major example of a kasumpa sumpang seller in multiply is ELAINE SY, owner of

and Chicandsassyshop Sy in Facebook

I’m sure, a lot of people who have experienced shopping via Multiply are familiar with this look and name.   Sa dami ba naman ng niloko ng babaeng ito, I won’t wonder if sikat na sikat sya sa multiply and pasikat na rin ngayon sa Facebook.

Here’s my story when I time I got sooooo malas nakipagtransact ako sa kanya:

I ordered a korean top from last Nov. 17, 2009 and received a text message same day from 09276544678 saying

“Thank you for shopping at Chic & Sassy.  Please deposit at bpi 999118118 Elaine Nelisa Sy.  Your total bill is 700.  Text me once deposited tnx!”

I have indicated in the Order form that I will pay within 2 days.  As you can see that’s better than the 3-day reservation rule.

Nov. 18, 2009 I received a text message from 09276544678 saying

“Hi sis are you paying today?”

I was shocked because I have clearly indicated in the order form that I’ll pay within 2 days.  But I still responded:

” Helo gdpm. Tmrw pa sis f i can’t make it today bec pauwi pa lng ako now…s d blouse ready 2 b shipped?”

I received a response saying:

” Ok yes”

And I responded:

“I’ll txt u ryt away as soon as paymnt s send sis…dnt wori wla kng puproblemahin sa akn”

Which is true and any seller with whom I worked with can attest to that.

Nov. 19, 2009 nagtext ulit:  “Hi today ka ba magpay?”

I felt a bit slighted with the text.  Sobrang kulit.  Pero ok lang sa akin as I understand her point.  So I responded:

” Gud afternoon I will pay later as promised yesterday.  Pasensya na f late because I have work until 6am and I wake up n d afternoon.”

ni hindi man lang nakunsensya kahit na sinabi ko ng puyat ako, nagtanong pa sya:

“ok and wat tym po”

dun na talga ako nabadtrip…especially at bagong gising pa ko…so i responded:

“b4 d bank closes…rqst ko lang po f d blouse s brnd new or if it has no damage”

and i received a txt message saying”

“Yes of course”

Nov. 19, 2009 – true to my words – I sent my payment.  Same day, 09276544678 texted me saying:

“Salamat po tom na sya madeliver”

By tomorrow that means Nov. 20, 2009 di po ba?

Nov. 20, 2009 I didn’t receive any update.  Not even a reply to my text message asking for the tracking number.

Nov. 21, 2009 I sent 09276544678 a text message asking for the tracking number.  And I received a response saying:

“Hi il txt po later”

E ang dali-dali lang naman magtext ng tracking number a.  Kung tinext nya ako ng hi il txt u later kung sinama na lang pati tracking number e di hindi sayang ang piso nya di ba?

Natapos ang Nov. 21, 2009 wala ni fake na tracking number…kahit anong text wala akong natanggap.  Then in the middle of the night 09276544678 responded saying:

“Hi be home by 1 in in bazaar pa po.”

Ah so busy pala sya…Inintindi ko naman…But I asked kung nasend na nga kasi nga dadating lang naman yan pag totoong nasend d ba?  09276544678 responded:

“Yup sent na yest [yesterday]”

Still I texted her saying:

“Kindly send tracking # if not tonight then tmrw…il wait 4 it…thank u”

But 09276544678 didn’t respond.

Sunday, Nov. 22, 2009 dumating ang inorder kong watch from GS4U which I also paid last Nov. 19 – same day when I paid chicsassy.  So I texted 09276544678 asking for the tracking number.  Ang sagot:

“Wala po mam courier ng gantong weekend ull have it by tom”

But how come dumating ang watch? Besides, always may nagdedeliver sa amin na courier kahit sunday.   Isa pa, all I’m asking is d tracking #.  Yun lang and I don’t care if there’s a courier or not because I can always track it.

Night of same day I still requested for the tracking number.  No response.

Now, Monday Nov. 23, 2009 na no item no tracking number…

I had this urge to search for any online background for this ELAINE SY and chicsassy…and to my suprise, I saw various blog posts about transaction of other people with her na very similar ang issues sa nangyayari sa akin.

While I was working on the post I kept on calling chicsassy.  As expected, no response.  Ring lang nang ring.  Then I texted her…at first, malumanay hanggang sa kinailangan ko na syang insultuhin.

Minutes after I finished posting, I received a text from chicsassy saying na natutulog daw sya along with a tracking number: 732225712.

I had to text her pa to ask about the courier company used for sending and the date of shipment.  According to her, the item was shipped last Nov. 21, 2009 by le facionez.  Then I thought:

1. Why Nov. 21 na e ang sabi nya isesend nya by the next day after I sent her my payment last Nov. 19, 2009?

2. Nov. 21, 2009 is a Saturday.  Pero sabi nya wala daw courier pag weekend.

I requested — demanded, actually — for a refund of my payment…considering that I didn’t receive my order on time, as stated in chicsassy store policies.  As what I texted her, I paid her in less than the 3-day reservation rule she has but for almost 5 days now, I still don’t have my ordered item.

Knowing that LBC is  the sister company of Xend, I went straight to LBC and asked help to track the shipment using the tracking number she sent me.  Shockingly, the tracking number doesn’t exist.  When I get home I tracked the shipment online.  Umabot sa bunbunan ko ang dugo ko when I saw the tracking result

Lalong umigting ang galit ko when I received comments to the post I previously posted…sobrang dami na palang niloko ni chicsassy…and some of their stories are very similar to my experience – alibis, wrong info, excuses, etc.

I decided to call chicsassy.  Sobrang kalmado nya.  Cool lang ba o sadyang sanay na sanay na sa pagiging mandurugas nya?  Pagkarinig na pagkarinig ko sa boses nya nabulyawan ko sya agad…and in the middle of our discussion she said she can’t send my refund dahil nga nagastos na.  She also mentioned that she was soooooo busy with her bazaar na a third party [le facionez] had to send the shipment for her.

When my call was suddenly cut off dahil naubusan na ako ng load, aba nagtext pa na KOL ME.  Excuse me?

In the course of our discussion nakamention pa sya na sobrang lenient daw nya…uminit bigla ang ulo ko…LENIENT? SA LAGAY NA YAN LENIENT KA? E AKO IN LESS THAN 3 DAYS NAGBAYAD NA TAPOS ANG ORDER KO MAG-FA-FIVE DAYS NA WALA PA?  So inisa isa ko sa kanya ang mga sinabi nya – text me later, home by 1am, order to be sent by Nov. 20, etc.

I also asked her for the name of the shipper sinabi ba namang le facionez…ha??? yan na ba ang accepted shipper’s name ngayon?  Until she said wala daw syang alam tungkol dun…Kung ganyan rin lang naman e sasabihin ko nang wag na nga talaga kayong umorder sa kanya kasi wala pala syang alam sa shipment!

To end her annoying excuses and alibis I had to advise her to:

1. If she insists that the item was sent I asked her for MMS of the tracking update or screenshot of the tracking update

Hala ang sabi ba naman bakit daw MMS??? Nadagdagan ang pagdudududa ko na hindi nga naisend ang order ko as per her info.  So I said, email, in agreement to what she said/suggested na email na lang.

2. No item by Nov. 24, 2009 I expect my refund
Aba nagtanong kung paano daw ba.  I said via bank.  Take note, at this time, hindi man lang tinanong ang bank details ko.

I admit I have told her not so good words – sinungaling, mandurugas, punyeta, etc. But until now I won’t regret what I told her.

Gabi na ng nagtext si ELAINE SY that the tracking details were just sent to me via email.  I checked it right away and to my dismay, order confirmation ang pinadala nya.

Seller ka ba talaga ELAINE SY? Bakit hindi mo alam ang tracking details sa order confirmation? O baka naman inakala mong makakalusot ka sa taga-probinsya dahil inisip mong tatanggapin ko yan as tracking details?

I immediately sent a couple of PMs from the supplier in order to know what really transpired why my order isn’t delivered yet.  And here’s the response from the supplier:

Imagine Nov. 23 lang pala pinadala ang bayad ko sa supplier when since the very beginning ELAINE SY made me believe that my order was processed promptly!!!  Sa pagkabutigon!!!!

I spent a night dealing with thie ELAINE SY via text messaging.  The truth was, I intended to let her:

1. admit that she lied

2. inform me of the reason why she lied

But after hours of texting, what I got were excuses.  Yaya, nakatulog, etc.  Which I think are foul excuses considering that she claims to be a seller.  After several paligoy ligoys from her, I had to tell her na buking na sya.  That I received a response from her supplier na hindi totoong she instructed her supplier to ship the item even without the payment last Nov. 20, 2009. She said:

“A baka yung Ate ang kausap mo now kasi sister yung nakausap ko last time e.”

Galing nya di ba? Ang daming characters sa charade nya!  When asked kung kanino galing ang delivery date kuno na Nov. 20 and 21, she texted me with a very lengthy message instead of just choosing from the options I gave her na: ikaw [ELAINE SY] or si le facionez.  Guilty!?

The next day, she sent my refund.  Aba, true to her words, dumating nga ang refund around 4pm.  Bumawi ha?  Pero hindi mo na mababawi ang hassle, stress, and inconvenience na binigay mo sa akin!

Despite of the refund, PMs, responses, and comments to my posts came pouring in about ELAINE SY.  May mga naloko ng thousands, hundres, checks, etc.  Ang iba bayad na, pero karamihan hindi pa.  May mga orders na hindi dumating, may mga orders na dumating pero mali-mali naman.  Google chicsassy or Elaine Sy and you’ll see their stories.

Until dumating ang Dec. 2, 2009…I was cleaning my emails when I saw a weird subject email that says, “Notification Letter”.  And the emails says:

Good Day!

My client, Ms. Elaine Nelisa Sy, asked for my assistance about her plans to file a libel case against you, Ms. Jacqui Lou Valenzuela, and among others which names are listed on our file.  There has been an issue here about you being based in the province, so we are initially writing you this notification letter if in case the case will be filed this month.  We are still stipulating our sources and resources to pursue this case.

Thank you for your time.

Atty. Gemma Andal

From the looks itself itatanong mo na sa sarili mo:

1. nag eemail na ba ngayon ang mga lawyers?

2. the words are too simple

3. walang letterhead?

…and more…And when I posted this to multiply, I got several comments similar to my thoughts.

Until now, nanloloko pa rin itong si Elaine Sy.  In fact, I know someone in Facebook na naloko na nya and until now she refuses to refund her money.

Sa mga curious kung sino itong ELAINE SY na ito, here’s her Friendster profile

And here’s a portion of her contact info from her multiply site.

Kita niyo naman, pati Bible ginamit pa nya…tsk tsk tsk…guarded lie tawag jan ELAINE SY!

In case you encounter this, don’t transact with it as well.  It is related to ELAINE SY.

Despite of all controversies, mabibilib ka talaga sa fighting spirit ng girl na to.  She keeps on saying to other people na lalong dumadami daw ang customers nya dahil sa mga bad publicities about her.  Bongga di ba?

As of now, I appeal to all people na makakabasa nitong post ko and to all online shoppers.  Mag ingat. Wag paloloko.  Before buying, do a little online check first.