Yesterday, Tuesday, was one of the greatest days in my 2010 life.  As usual, I was fully booked with work and was choosing procrastination over more serious biz.

Morning, I woke up feeling a bit dizzy for sleeping late the other night.  I actually woke up at the wrong side of the bed and had to let go of my angst through hubby…hehehehe poor hubby 😀 But in the afternoon love lead us back to the arms of lovey dovey.

It was late afternoon when I remembered that I needed to have my eyeglasses lens changed.  So I asked Manang to accompany me.  We were about to go when hubby came and asked me if we can watch Clash of the Titans.  Ahh yes! I almost forgot.  We postponed the movie date today since we forgot about it last Monday.  So Manang and I hurried went to the oculist’s clinic to have our eyeglasses checked and for hubby to have time to prepare for the movie date.

While waiting for my eyeglasses, Manang and I have decided to go window shopping.  Impulsive buyer as I am, we went inside this thrift store and found lots of goodies inside.   I used to buy expensive clothes for myself so I will look kagalang galang in front of clients but that time I was able to buy clothes for myself and for Manang for the price of one expensive shirt that I usually buy.  Added to that I was able to have Manang’s eyeglass changed for free!  What more can I ask for?  I just said to myself, I am happy to be God’s instrument for goodness.

While waiting for Hubby for our movie date I remembered how one person told me one time that I am “good” because I buy people, I feed people, yet I don’t live a Christian life.  I just smiled…she must be insecure of any material things I have which unfortunately she couldn’t have.  I shooked my head and stopped myself from ruining my day by merely thinking of people who bring me down.

At night, while at work, Hubby and I had this disagreement over work, future, etc.  But surprisingly we were able to sort it out in just a snap of a finger.  Hubby wasn’t that hard over issues, more often than not, it is I who takes things seriously.  What a realization huh? 😀 It must be with the age…hahahahaha!

The best way to end my day was a relaxing conversation with my Boss.  I’ve been crying and mourning over this biz/agency issue that we’re running for days now…err probably for weeks now.  But after our talk, I realized that we both live the same life – he is hands up to his boss and is on the verge of giving up.  What a coincidence, I’m feeling the same way towards him as my Boss, too!  He listened to me – that’s what I liked the most 🙂 And I was able to make his instructions simpler than usual.

Well, all’s well that ends well.  I wish all my days are like this.  But guess what, I know I can make all days as nice as this Tuesday by not allowing any trouble to trouble me 😀

Here’s one interesting thing that you wouldn’t want to miss: Try to Google “tuesday morning” and you’ll see lots of photos of accidents and disasters.  Odd…