The past few days have been very heavy for me. People, circumstances, and some things weren’t the way I expected them to be. People hurt me. Circumstances were against me. Things weren’t the way I wanted them to be. But I have to be strong. Gone are the days of me just leaving every time a problem arise. I’m wiser now…stronger.

I am angry…err furious towards somebody who owed me money, kindness, respect, and manners. He – yes, he’s a he – borrowed something from me which was long overdue.

Years ago, I was already hearing untrue comments or feedback from him regarding our not being in good terms. All of the comments were to his advantage, to add more to his male ego. I kept my silence for myself and for friends. I was terrified and was even ashamed for him. I didn’t want to sacrifice friendship. But I knew all along that even if I have all the evidences to prove that I’m at the true side and he’s the guilty one, I will just reap JUSTICE but never FRIENDSHIP. And I was stupid enough to choose FRIENDSHIP over JUSTICE.

A year after, I can still remember, how he vehemently denied that he owed me something. Joke or not, he said, “ABI KO YA BLESSING ATO BINATON KO MAN.” But I reminded him of his text message asking for the said amount and clearly stating that he will pay for it. At the end of our heated argument via Friendster message, he outrightly said, “BISAN PUGAON MO KO WALA GID AKO IBAYAD.” At that very moment I was already very furious. Where in the world is this man’s manners?

Years passed, I thought time could teach him some manners. I thought it will help him build himself so he can pay me. But I should have known, no matter how long it takes…he has no plans of paying; rather he intends to forget everything.

Last night, after being put on a hot seat, he continued to fight back as if he is innocent. Despite of all insults, he was very good at simply accepting them and showing his being cool.

Looking at the bright side, I was happy because I have few friends who backed me up. Not because I paid them but because they chose to. Surprisingly, they also share the same experience with the same person with me. Funny, huh!

After completing 100+ Facebook comments, the accused still denied the complaint. I know he was the topic of the night. I can feel that he understands the riddles in our comments. But he continued acting stupid, as if he was good at it. The more that it was confirmed that indeed he has NO PLANS – as in no plan at all – to pay.

Adding insult to injury, this person was so “kapal” to throw words like GUILTY, BITTER, INGGIT at us…But looking at the bright side, Psychology 101 says that whoever is fond of using those words only show that they’re the very first person to feel those 🙂 hahahahaha!

As if it could change the whole scenario, the person also mentioned about ENJOY, HAPPY, NGIRIT, etc…True or not, again, Psychology 101 says that if you’re feeling true emotions such as happiness, sadness, contentment, it will just show…no matter how you fake it…and there’s no use saying them out loud.

Now, I realized that people like him has nothing to lose. Even if he’s put into shame he will feel nothing. Worst, his so-called friends will still be there to back him up. Unfortunately I don’t have friends who tolerate such behavior.

The best thing to do now is to MOVE ON. Papulis mo man or ipakorte ang patay-huya nga ina ikaw lang mahuy-an.

IGNORE. I know myself better than anybody else. My real friends know the real me. So who cares about his bad vocabulary? 😀

PRAY. When God sends His JUSTICE, it will definitely make a mark. Thus, I don’t have to prove what’s right and who’s telling the truth before the eyes of man…He knows what’s true…and He knows what to do to dishonest and proud people. Thy will be done.