Year 2008, I was kind enough to lend some help to someone whom I thought a REAL FRIEND.

He was in need of some amount because he wants to go back home perhaps for the Holidays.  Plus he needed some amount to pay for his rent and some credit card bills.  I may not be able to back up these specifics but my memory serves always serves me right and if this friend is honest enough to vouch for this, he can at least clean up his conscience.

The first amount was 10000 pesos.

Yes, you heard it right.  I said FIRST because the second time came like this:  JAC PWEDE AKO KAHULAM 5000…? BAYDAN KO LANG PAGBALIK KO MAYNILA.  Awww kawawa di ba?  Ako naman I sent him the amount telling him to pay me kung may work na sya.

The day I was about to send the 5k I told my friends about it and, as expected, they said NO JACQUI DON’T SEND HIM THE AMOUNT with matching taas kilay.  Yes girls I know what you mean.  Na hinuhuthutan ako?  Na pineperahan ako?  Para 5k lang?

I was stubborn and was completely up to my decision of helping him.  So despite of my friends’  BIG NO I went to the bank and sent him the amount.

Several months after I received a text from him asking about a promise I made to him last time that I will lend him some amount if he wishes to go to SINGAPORE.  The promised amount was 50000 pesos according to his demand.  But I wasn’t sure how it became 60000 pesos.

True to my promise I prepared the amount.  But I had to secure the payments; after all our friendship doesn’t have to go with me lending him some big amount.

For my security I had to ask him for sort of promisory note.  At first he was hesitant to do it.  At the second time, he indirectly showed his absolute disagreement to the idea by telling me some alibis:

He said: Bago pa nga lang ako Jac, pano ako makakabigay ng EMPLOYER’S NAME?
I said: It doesn’t have to be your employer. It can be somebody that you work with para lang may macontact ako in case worst comes to worst.

He said: Tourist Visa pa lang ako Jac pero irerecommend ako ng friend ko dun.
I said: E di give me the name of your friend who will recommend you to an employer.

There were also inconsistencies sa mga messages nya: First, he said may visa na sya.  Second, mahambal naman sya nga for processing his visa.  If this is what I’m getting how can I trust him with my hard-earned money?

After several exchange of  text messages probably he got annoyed and told me: OO O INDI LANG MAN NA JAC…MAPAHULAM KA OO O INDI?

Wow!!! Where in the world can you find a lending company who will lend you 50000 pesos without the need for any documents regarding payments? That’s what I told him.  Right there and then I said NO I CAN’T LEND YOU THE AMOUNT.

Kapal text pa rin ng text asking if papahiramin ko ba sya.  I didn’t say anything.  That could have been an indication for him that I have no more plans of lending him some amount.

To my surprise he created a Grade 1 section 20 level of Promisory Note – NO header, NO greeting, plus my name was misspelled.  What the…!  So I emailed him telling him to revise the note.  While he was probably revising it I called up some common friends and shared with them a part of the story which was already stressing me.  From one of them I knew that HE requested her to write a promisory note regarding his intention to borrow money from me.  Wow!   Pati ba naman sa panloloko mo dadamay mo pa friends mo? At the end of my conversation with his friend, we agreed not to answer him and will not work on that promisory note.

Without any help, he had to work on the note by himself.  Then he submitted the revised note to me.  Ahay, wrong man japon.  Ni wala gani important things na beneficial sa akon nga mapahulam – no contact info, no address, and my name is still misspelled.  I have to end this once and for all!

I sent him an email telling him to stop working on the note anyway it will lead to nothing.  I will no longer lend him the amount.  Plus some words like:

Kung mamolestya ka, put your best manners forward.  Indi nga ikaw pa daw si sino nga ikaw na gani may kelangan.

A promisory note should contain important info of the borrower – contact number, address, employer, etc.  That’s in addition to indicating correct info of the lender.  Indi ka gani to kaspell sang ngalan ko may guts ka pa maghulam sa akon?  He responded to me this way:

Ahay, bisan magwa ugat ko sa tao nga ni daw makapal pa ni sa nangamatay!

A year passed and natingala ko nga wala na nabaydan ang 5k ko.  Then one day I saw his comment to a common friend in friendster.  So I sent him a message asking him for the payment.  You will not believe what he answered to me:

OMG!!! I was caught off-guard!  Ako naman nanumdum – ha as in ginhambal ko gid man nga blessing na to for him?  No I didn’t.  So I had to argue with him until he said this

But when asked when and where or how, he told me this:

Ay may abtan pa kaya ni ang 5k ko?  If he was apologetic that time I would have said I understand.  Syempre kita nakautang man dati nga dugay nabaydan.  But I was never that rude!  Grabe nga batasan!

Until this year wala ako nabaydan!  That is in addition to many false accusations he shared with his friends and common friends about me – galagas lagas ko sa iya, di ako makamove on, etc.

I kept my silence…for friendship’s sake.  But wrong move…I should have fought for what’s right and due to me.  After all, it wasn’t worth it.  Sobra pa sa wala pulos ang patay-huya nga naghulam sa akon.

Just this week I was able to get all the chance to meet the hideous narcissistic again.  With the help of some friends I was able to feed the air with my supposedly message to him.  At first, he was in denial.  His defense was REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY.  Until he decided to END the conversation.  After getting the right timing, I directly said my motives.  As expected, he reacted to my comment.  How? Simple, HE BLOCKED ME!

ROY BERGANTINOS JR.  – kung indi ka GUILTY why iblock mo ko? 😀

By blocking me, I won’t be able to see all his activity, which means I may not be able to see his comments even if they’re patutsada against me.  Consequently, he won’t be able to see  all of my activities.  Thinking that it will spare him the shame, it even made him look GUILTY!

Just today I received a message from a friend who happened to have witnessed the heated exchange of comments.   He asked me the truth.  About what?

ROY BERGANTINOS JR. accused me of:

  • stalker!
  • bitter
  • inggiter
  • loser
  • wala pa sya naayawan sang natilawan ya sa akon?
  • gusto ya b magkaanak sa akon

Ahay, kaluoy man ako. Inutangan na, indi pa pagbaydan, hinimuan pa storya!!!

Grabe…sabagay sa Shopaholic gani na movie, ang pay collector na si Derek Smeath gintag as STALKER by our fave shopping belle. 😀 So is the story something new?

I got angry with the below-the-belt remarks.  So I had to get even.  This blog post is made, along with the creation of an album in Facebook.

You want me to stop ROY BERGANTINOS JR? You started this, allow me to end it for you!

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Facebook account.