These past few weeks of spending some time with some people in a Company where I work as an admin, I’ve encountered various personalities.  Most of them are humble professionals who have achieved so much in life but remained humble and respectful.  Some are very friendly, accommodating, and really shows great breeding.

Among these people is someone who exactly falls under the category – “feeling close”.  Imagine him asking a lady if she has a husband?  Toy kung didiskarte ka wag naman pambabastos ang pambungad mo!  He would start up with words that were obviously not carefully thought of and carefully chosen.

At work this person would always ask about work.  His anxiety, sugar-coated by his so-called excitement, would push him to ask about things repeatedly.  Totoo ba na magkakasweldo na ko?  Kelan/Pano ko makukuha?  When in fact, all of these have been explained to him many many times.  Top that with a comment from him saying everything feels like TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE for him.  POINTLESS daw ang magcheck ng 1000+ na listahan but when asked to email his client he sounded like a very maamong tupa.

His ill-mannered personality made him very irritating.  It could have been excusable if he is excellent at work.  Unfortunately, he’s not!  Opps, baka magsabi na naman yun na “so you’re comparing your workers now? is that what you call professional?

One time, he had to deal with a one-day delay of his anticipated salary.  Without understanding what check clearing means, he has already shared his sentiments to another co-worker, instead of asking first the persons in authority.  To make matters worst, he even said that the release of his salary DEPENDS ON ME! And didn’t even admit that he said it! Grrrrrr! After several explanations about what clearing means, about what the client is doing to make up, that it’s rude to share moneymatters sentiments to others instead of going directly to the person incharged, that I’ll be using my personal money to pay him he simply said:  “as long as dumating yung salary ko, okay na sa akin.”  Guess what, he has no plans of apologizing.  Pero OK na rin, nahiya na tuloy ang pobreng magtanong.  Not my problem anymore if he’s paranoid and overly sensitive/insensitive at the same time.

Attempts and ways of making him realize his bad manners always lead us to heated exchange of words.  My ways of making him realize this were always made strongly, frankly, and straightforward.  Unfortunately, he took this as:  “Jacqui, i just want to know, why are you making things hard for me here in the company?”  Susmaryosep!  Napasama pa!

Today, after receiving a complaint from one of the top workers in the company, I had to remind bunsoy again 😀 As expected, his understanding were in planet Pluto.   His words, responses, and remarks, were definitely way out of this world.  Just like a very very familiar statement, he even asked me if I’m having a hard on him so he can decide what to do next with his job.  Bunsoy, kung magkuquit ka go ahead.  But don’t put the blame on me.  Dahil alam ng lahat na as long as you don’t change your behavior you will still get the same or even worst treatment in other companies.  Makes me wonder why you were terminated in your previous job… 😀

I’ve already made my points.  He replied with “understood” and “clear”.  That ends it and if he still feels I’m being rough on him, that’s no longer my problem.