Sometimes, relationships get broken along the way.  One of the involved parties can at least try to fix it.  But no matter what, if only one is willing to fix it, it will just lead to nowhere.

It will be wrong to just walk away.  But what’s the use of staying if…?

Everyday, it gets more and more painful.  But I am hoping that eventually, I’d feel numb.  By then I’d be right here to just work…for the sake of money.

From where I am now, I can see that there’s no need for more trying.  There’s no need for more efforts to fix what’s broken.  No more bridging of the gap.  If this is about love, I would have called it quits 🙂 But it isn’t.

This post is the last of this kind.  I’m now shutting my brain, my heart, and my lips…for good.