Monday may seem very different from the word “BUSY”.  But technically I feel that they are both one and the same.

My Monday started with a hearty breakfast with hubzky.   Although he was still very sleepy, he managed to have breakfast with me.  I guess the hot noodle soup woke him up but still he wasn’t able to fully open his droopy eyes 🙂 Now that was funny 😀

First stop: Department of Foreign Affairs

It’s 9am and OMG the DFA office is fully-booked.  I managed to go through groups of people from the main entrance to the Information table and had my application form stamped for processing.  What’s next?  I looked around and saw the counter for “First Time Applicants”.  To be sure I asked the lady guard and she told me to just wait for my name to be called.

At long last, my name was called for submission of necessary documents.  I like the person incharged.  He seems strict but I have this feeling that he is kinda smart 😀 My turn.  He took my original birth certificate and checked my other documents.  He requested for photocopies and voila everything was approved!  Whew!

I had to wait again for photo capturing.  Then at Table #6 I had my digital photo taken.  Damn these baby hairs! They won’t cooperate.  I should have put on some hair wax or serum.  Anyway, I had to get this done with.

Finally, I’m out of DFA and was scheduled to come back after 7days.  That was super!  Never thought it was that easy!

Next Stop: Dapli for Lunch

Time to buy lunch for hubzky and moi.  I ordered for lechon, squid, and KBL.  Plus rice, of course.

Oopps I think I ordered KBLs from 2 waitresses and so I’m about to receive a total of 2 servings.  Oh no!  Pahiya ako!  I thought I can just remind anybody my order…honest mistake.

Last stop: Apartment

I was crossing the street when I saw one woman in green who was waving her hand…at me?  I don’t know her so she must be waving to someone else.  But when I reached the other side of the road, the woman approached me.  Kablam!

Jacqui Valenzuela
Fine: PhP50.00
Violation: Jaywalking

Kahuluya gid ya! To the max!!!

It was, again, an honest mistake.  But I have to learn my lesson.  I paid for the fine.  I was tempted not to tell them my name but a lie might add up to my violation.  So I just told them my name – partial name 😀 – and paid for the fifty-peso fine.  Whew!

When I got home, hubzky came in and helped me prepare the table for lunch.  Then he saw the jaywalking ticket!  Siling gid, kadlawan gid ko!!! Grrrrr!

Then at night, I can’t imagine myself being that disturbed.  For the first time, I didn’t have the enthusiasm to work.  Facebook irritated me.  Friendster annoyed me.  Multiply bored me.  What the…!?

I have to be OK.  Then I’ve decided to sleep.  When I woke up, everything was better.  I thought it must have been the very fast roller coaster ride that I went through that made me sick 😀 Twas so fast that I didn’t even have the time to look back and enjoy the ride. Oh well, I had an easy time at DFA, hindi na masama ang palpak time sa traffic and sa resto 😀

If life is as fast-paced as this, I should be ready for it.