It was around 3am when I’ve decided to relax for a while.  I went to the terrace and breathed some fresh morning air.  The air was cool, a very familiar Christmas feeling.

As I was looking at the surroundings, my attention caught a usual sight – a sikad driver.  But I frozed when the sikad driver started counting few paper bills and some coins which are probably his whole day income.  He carefully counted and smoothed out each paper bill.  What shocked me most was when he was done counting, he looked at the paper bills on his hand then after a second or two, he KISSED them!

Yup, I’ll say it again, he KISSED them.

With that scene, I felt like from a frozen strawberry ice cream, I was melting [strawberry ice cream gid ya? :D].   Right there and then I started to ponder about many things in my life.  Such a very untimely contemplation…Si Manong Sikad beh moh 😀

Lately, I’ve been down and drowning in a pile of work – online and at school.  There was even a point when I cried because I was soooooooo tired.  And from there I started to complain.  While I was whining with this and that, it never hit me that while I was busy looking at my eyebags and unmanicured nails, there are other people out there who work in the same number of hours like mine but earns only less than 1/4 of my salary.  All of a sudden I felt shy.  Am I that ingrateful?

The sight of the sikad driver kissing his hard-earned money humbled me.  I should be more thankful than him.  I should feel luckier than him.  I should feel more blessed than him.  I admit, I have never ever kissed a check or any cash that I’ve earned after working for 12-16hrs daily.

Apart from “kissing money”, I believe I should have been more grateful.  Not only for the money, but also for the opportunities that come into my life.  I should be more thankful to each and every person who, with all the trust in their heart, believed in me and shared with me their blessings.  Above all these, I should NEVER forget HIM.

Whew!  Life is just full of surprises.   The sight of that sikad driver brought back my momentum.  Daw vitamins lang 🙂

My 2010 is almost ending.  Almost a week to go before I hit a critical part of my life [you know what I mean ;)].  I’ve had my ups and downs.  But it gave me goosebumps when I remembered the other week when I almost broke down and questioned why HE is always making things hard for me.  Was this HIS way of touching me?  Lord, that was just a joke.  YOU’RE so sensitive naman 😀

Seriously, HE never fails to make me feel that HE is with me.   Then I was confused.  Am I that bad para magpabatyag gid SYA?  Or maybe HE loves me so much that HE doesn’t want me to lose HIM.  Whatever this experience means, feeling ko, I’ll be having a major major very merry Christmas and a freshen up me for 2011.