Uso pa ba ang New Year’s Resolution? Not sure if it is still a must-have for everybody but I wanted to keep a personal copy of what I have in mind.  This may seem too “gasgas” for people who are close to me especially for those whom I have shared my previous NY resolution lists 😀 Pagbigyan nyo na ko, guys.  Promise, this one is totally new 😀

1. Time is Gold

This is very important for me.  Most people who are close to me find me very strict with my own schedule but lenient at the same time.  How come?  I need to be there on time for my work. 8PM is 8PM.  But even if I need to end by 4AM or so, I tend to break my own schedule just so I can finish everything.  As a result, I usually neglect other equally important tasks.  When worst comes to worst, I usually come in late for my class 😉 I guess I need to manage my time wisely, this 2011.  Follow the start and end times of my work schedule STRICTLY.  And perhaps, #2 can help me keep this resolution…

2. Minimize and/or COMPLETELY Eliminate Procrastination

Alright, just because everyone is guilty of this I’d have to be IN, too.  I’ve already seen the many days with few hours of sleep.  It didn’t feel good.  Good thing I didn’t get sick.  When it’s work, it’s work.  When it’s TV time, it’s TV time.  When it’s Facebook time, it’s Facebook time 😀 etc etc etc…

3. One goal at a time

Thinking that I’m superwoman who is capable of joggling through jobs I’ve overchallenged myself with 3 – 5 goals per term.  Not good! This makes me focus more on work and earning money thereby losing quality time spent on special people and more valuable things and/or activities. So for this year, I laid down my goals.  I have to finish one at a time before proceeding to the next.  No to burnt out Jacqui 😀

4. Choose to be happy

This is kind of broad. So let me break it down to important pieces:

a. Stay away from negative people.

I’ve been hurt and my offered friendship shattered into pieces by people whom I considered FRIENDS this year.  Now that 2010 is over, time to let go.  Why feel sad for people who don’t even think of me?  Why offer friendship to people who can never accept you for you are?  Why stick with people who has nothing in mind but competition?  Most of all, why keep friends who can’t be with you during the lowest times of my life? Funny how I thought I have fewer friends than the others.  Only to realize that my REAL friends are just out there waiting for me while doing things similar to what I enjoy doing.  How stupid I was to have chosen to spend time with people who were never true to me.

b. No to unnecessary nagging

This one’s for hubzky.  I feel like a total nagger this year 😦 Hopefully, it’s just me and my being paranoid.  He has been with me through ups and downs.  And although he isn’t like other BFs who are showy and expressive, I just realized the rationale behind his ways of keeping everything between us, private.  I’ve been way too much for him to handle.  Especially if other people’s challenges and pressure get into my nerve.  He then becomes my shock absorber, my escape goat, my stress-reliever…to the point that I gauge him according to other people’s standards…without even seeing the real him and his cute ways of making me feel welcomed, accepted, and loved…not only by him but by his whole family.  Remembering the past, I should be thankful…because what I’m experiencing with him is very much the opposite of what I’ve experienced in my own family.  I almost forgot that this is the kind of life and guy that I prayed for 😀 And knowing that we’re the exact opposite, it thrills me to know that indeed OPPOSITES ATTRACT [kilig].

c. Carpe diem

No more worries.  Let it be.  So be it.  Things happen for a reason.  Why worry when I can always pray?  I’ve forgotten all of these this year.  So I’m bringing them all back in the year 2011. Looking at this list, I think I’m overchallenged again! Whew!  But starting at #1, one step at a time 🙂 To balance off everything, I also made few simple resolutions. But those are for my eyes only 😀 sealed Happy New Year, everyone!