I’ve never liked Feb since time immemorial.  Though it’s the month of love, I’ve never felt something special about it…Not until Feb 2011.

Surprisingly, you were there lifting me up during my lowest moments.  Unlike what many have predicted about us, about you, you have proven them all WRONG!  I don’t have to explain the details and the specifics, but your whole-month gestures humbled me, impressed me, and made me feel loved…something that I’ve never felt and experienced before…something that I expected from people I loved yet they never gave it to me…

Words aren’t enough to say how thankful I am for everything that you have done for me.  You have filled my February with too much love and care.  I’m ashamed that sometimes I had to believe what other people say and I had to make you face their ordeal.  Shame on me…because you have also proven me wrong.

It’s not about the surprise pre-Valentine dinner.  It’s more than the daily “I love Yous”.  It’s not about the hugs and the kisses.  It’s not about you waking up early to wake me up because I’ll be late for work.  It’s not about you checking my test papers 😀 It’s not about you doing errands for me.  It’s more than these…And for that, I’ll be forever grateful to you.

True to your promises, you have shown me bottomless love and patience.  Even if I snap out at you sometimes, you returned it with soothing words and love.  Even if I’m stressed and intentionally ignores you, you patiently waited.  Oh, did I mention how touched I was when you told me you missed me just because I skipped having breakfast and lunch with you?  That melted my heart…

I hope this note won’t annoy you 😀 You know me…Unlike you, I’m expressive.  But unlike me, you’re such a sweet silent worker 😀


So before Feb 2011 ends, allow me to say from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.  You are heaven-scent. The answer to my prayers.

i love you