This past few days I would say that the statement, “Time flies so fast”, is an understatement.  I just smile each time I hear other people say this.  But I so don’t like it if I’m personally experiencing the truthfulness of this cliche.

At work, clients come and go.  Assignments come and go.  Tasks come and go.  Deadlines come so fast yet the pile of work never decrease in number.

I am someone who completes a monthly schedule at my most organized state and completes a weekly schedule at my busiest and most disorganized state.  Imagine me completing a day-to-day schedule…Need I say more?  To top that, I used to work strictly for 5days a week only; that is, Monday to Friday for at most 12 to 15 hours a day.  Nowadays, I’m working almost 24/7.  If there’s such thing as 25/8 I could have gotten a schedule for that too.

Just like work, people come and go.  Every hello’s mean a lot to me.  But I really hate goodbyes, much worst is parting time without any goodbyes.  I used to think that parting only hurts if you’ve been with someone for such a long time…I was wrong.  The feeling was much worst when you get to know the person in such a very short span of time, shared genuine laughs with the person, had a great and countless fun times with the person, and then all of a sudden he’s gone.  What’s sicker than that is when you know the person is just there but can no longer share good times with you for some selfish crappy reasons.  In that case, you can’t help but think – was it all for real?  or was everything for fun only?  It felt so good that you enjoyed a lot and you can’t help but think that it was all for real.  But dropping you in just a snap makes the whole thing appear soooo superficial, so fake, so shallow.

Combine all these and who wouldn’t get a headache? The roller coaster ride of emotions is soooo much for me to take.  With no one to COMPLETELY share the whole thing, the whole ordeal, your heart will surely feel bloated and battered.   Makes me wonder how many neurons have I wasted already.  I’m not someone who easily gets dark circles under my eyes.  I don’t even get eyebags that easily.  But with all these, I look harassed.

“First things first”, I said to myself.  But how can you get the priority tasks done when here comes another new set of tasks which needs to be done quickly?

“Business first before pleasure”,  I also said to myself.  But I sometimes find myself crying over a pile of never ending work and over people who I need to give up for some reasons.

Please don’t get me wrong.  I’m not complaining.  But I only have one appeal:  one stress at a time please 😀  I can’t wait for me to get all these done and over with.  When that happens,

1. I’d surely go to a spa or a salon and pamper myself.  I can’t remember when was the last time I had a massage or facial.

2. Visit a doctor for a much-needed long overdue check up.

3. Nourish my soul – go to church, read, and bring back all the good vibes.

4. FALL IN LOVE againThat will surely complete everything.

For now, let me park my cursor here and get back to work before sunrise catches up with me.