This is Part II of the many parts of my story in relation to the previous post about Roy Bergantinos aka Noi Bergantinos aka Noi Deocampo.

For those who knew about this issue, they already have the idea about what I’ll be posting here now.  For those who have none and for those who, like the person concerned, continue to mask the devil act with religious quotes, this will mean another shameful yet nonsense blah blah…to whoever is that pointed to, that depends on their crooked belief.

Without much ado, here goes my piece:

Few days after attending the best friend’s wedding, I was informed through text by the best friend that this person sent me an email.  Here’s a screenshot of the email:

If we examine closely the email, here are things that we can conclude in relation to the issue:

1. From the previous post, it was clear that this person denies all allegations him borrowing money from me.   Why then would he email me asking for time for us to talk?

2. Apologies, especially if to be done in person, means that something serious happened.  Looking at the email, he mentioned about talking to me in person.  Is that “serious” thing referring to what he vehemently denied in the past until now?

3. I was not only informed by the best friend about him sending an email but I was also informed about the GIST of the email.  In fact, I was texted that he was saying sorry and that his sorry this time may be serious.  But if you look at the email address above, it appears like the best friend was BCC’d in the said email.  Good move!  A witness would be great.  But a one-sided witness is foul!

Prior to a pre-planned trip to Manila, I had the chance to discuss things with this person.  From personal to something related to the issue.  I was trying to get the feeling if, indeed, this time the apology is serious and not as asuperficial as his email.  When I directly told him not to involve other person in our issue including the best friend and all those who are anonymously commenting on my previous blog posts requesting for me to remove the post, he outrightly stated the following:

  • He has no allies at all…not even the best friend.
  • His family used to ask him about the issue but eventually stopped asking about it.

Ayan ha, malinaw sa lahat, kung totoo man ang sinasabi ng Roy or Noi na ito, kayo pati ikaw best friend ay hindi nya kaalyado. Kaya posible ba na tayo ang magkaaway dahil may naririnig akong nagkukuwento ng puro mali behind my back? You tell me…in person…eye to eye!

January 2012, I was in Manila for an interview. Even if I seemed begging for this people’s apology, following the email sent to me, I sent a text message to this person informing him my whereabouts. Take note, few days before my trip I was still exchanging cold text messages with this person. But after some time, no response to my message. I was beginning to think that my intuition was right – this person never keep his word.

Alright, giving him the benefit of the doubt, I texted the best friend. The best friend responded that he is in HongKong that time. Ha??? Wow!!! Can’t pay even ₱5000 but has the money to go to HongKong? I was amused. So I informed the best friend that his last text message came in last Thursday. Does that mean he left for HongKong over the weekend? The best friend, in full belief and trust, said YES it’s possible 🙂 [no ally indeed] then told me she will inform her bes.

To my surprise, he texted minutes after informing me that he is out of town. Minutes after that, the best friend texted me with a forwarded message from him. His text message says he was surprised that I’m already in Manila [still surprised when you knew about the trip days ago?]. O best friend, kala ko ba sa HK sya? So over the weekend nasa HK sya then come Monday Pinas na sya and Tuesday out of town sya? Hectic ang schedule? Sige…pagbigyan…baka nga naman in demand ang photographer natin 🙂

At the last day of my stay in Manila, I informed the best friend that I only have until 3PM to meet her bes. Nagtext din si lalaki informing me na hihingi pa daw sya ng permiso sa mga kasama nya sa work, may missent message pa nga to complete the act 🙂 He didn’t directly say he will come or he can’t come. With what happened during the first day I already expected a super blaugh! And I was correct 😀

Nag-apology pa – na naman – si best friend on his behalf! BS! Aren’t you aware that saying sorry on behalf of the person who committed a serious mistake is an added insult to injury?

Kakagigil lang kasi nag-eenjoy ang lalaki sa game nya then bilib na bilib sa kanya ang best friend na malamang nakalimot sa kung anuman ang naging contribution ko sa buhay nya. I’m not counting but I’m really in complete disbelieve and awe knowing that these kinds of people really exist! Did I mention they’re active members of their church?

Days or weeks after, I texted the person asking for my payment. His response: he will pay if I present to him the document with his signature stating his borrowed amount. Clever, ey? 🙂

My say: your emails with your name and phone number used in the signature plus the contents of your messages are more than enough admission that indeed you owe me some amount.

Let’s say I can’t bring this to court since you’re right – absence of physical signed documents. Did you think I can’t file a blotter against you? Did you think I can’t file a pending case against you? Think again. Because from there you might as well stop:

  • pretending as if you’re a rich kid
  • pretending as if you and the people around you are in peace
  • pretenting that you’re completely happy

Did I mention you also texted me about your newfound love as if indirectly stating Part II of your previous accusation against me? Poor boy, stop believing that I was into you because I never was. If that’s your way of saving your busted pride after knowing that the girls you eyed before didn’t choose to be with you because you’re bum go ahead suit yourself…because frankly your bullshit bores me!

Mind you, stop adding more to your lies and false accusations. Now that I’m only looking at estafa case, how about libel?

To those who cannot shape the issue by not being able to be in my shoes, saying that I should just get over this and leave everything to karma, thank you for making me feel calm. But honestly that is easier said than done if you were me. Knowing that the lies and false stories as well as denial continue you’ll surely feel worst than what I’m feeling now. Minus hypocrisy, how I wish Karma is instant!

Good luck to this guy:

Ooooppps, sorry…I was told by a lawyer to collect evidences against you e.  I was also told to keep a picture of yours.  Kasi sa sobrang guilty mo binablock mo lahat ng social networking profiles mo 🙂 Pahalata ka naman kasi masyado.