Summer of 2012 I joined my shop in a bazaar.  During the said event I met one seller who also sells US Authentc Victoria’s Secret products.  She approached my shop one time buying few items which she claimed she didn’t have in her store named as BISTI.  Her son also did the same thing – buying food, drinks, etc from our stall.  Until we exchanged phone numbers with her claiming that her name is Michelle Hermosura.

Name: Michelle Hermosura
Aliases or other name: Michelle Azarraga, Michelle Lim, Michelle Tan
Incomplete address: Villa, Iloilo City
Other address used: Dumangas

First Red-Flag Encounter

When she reserved pieces of underwear from my shop, she promised to pay for those at the last day of the bazaar.  But the last stretch of the bazaar came yet no shadow of her came to our stall.  I opted to bring the products to her but she answered that she will just contact me.  It was fine with me because I trust that she would keep her word.  Days passed by but she never sent any follow up through SMS.  The day before I was supposed to return the items I texted her and luckily she responded saying she’d get it few days after.  She did.  She even went to my apartment’s address along with her husband and kid in their Green Frontier.

That moment should have been a red flag to me.  That she has problems with keeping her promises.  That she has issues with remembering or carefully organizing her payment/financial obligations.  But my doubts were immediately erased when upon receipt of her payment she asked me if I also sell Longchamp bags.  That she is interested in buying as long as it’s utang.  I don’t have that product that time but I know that a friend of mine can supply me with few pieces.   It was so stupid of me for ignoring my instincts and prioritizing income or profit.

Longchamp Story

I sent a message to my friend asking for the longchamp details and upon receipt of the available colors, I messaged Michelle to send me her email address so that I could email her the details.  She sent me her email address –  Interestingly, she never responded to my emails.  She only sends SMS telling me that she received the emails, read the details in the emails, and texts me with her orders.

Her first delivered orders were longchamp le pliage blue, deep red, kiwi, and lagoon.  We met when the items arrived at the Atrium Mall.  During this meeting I gave her the kiwi and the deep red.  I knew right there and then that she was in doubt of the authenticity because of the way she compares her longchamp luggage kuno which she bought for only 1K from a boutique in villa owned by someone who goes to Canada.  I wasn’t bothered because I know very well that what I have are guaranteed authentic.  She took the kiwi and returned both navy blue and deep red because of the small size.  As soon as I got home, I texted her explaining that I’m giving 5 days to the customer to check the authenticity of the item.  If the item stays with the customer beyond 5 days to less than 15 days she’ll pay it only in cash basis.  Every 15 days there’s an increase of 500, of course, for profit.  In response, she said she’ll pay in cash.  But the cash payment only arrived on our next meeting which is more than 15 days already.  That was still fine with me.

I had to endure the hassle and the time spent in explaining to my friend why were the 2 other bags returned.  It appears like this Michelle ordered sizes that she barely know.  Buying these products online follows the NO RETURN NO EXCHANGE policy.  Pano mo nga naman maibabalik pa or mapapalitan pa ang nabili mo na sa US-based outlet stores?

In order to settle the size issue, I did an extensive search about the sizing and sent her another email about it.  In return, she said she will order Graphite and other similar colors with lagoon.  When the graphite came, she said she wanted me to bring the navy blue.  When we met, she took the graphite and the navy blue.  Assuming that she already understood the payment terms, I recorded the date of delivery – 17th of June.  This implies that she has less than 15 days to comply for cash basis but if she pays on the 17th of July it will be on the 1month payment basis – ₱5000.

Instead of the lagoon, peacock color came.  When we met at SM City Iloilo, I had to wait for her and endure deductions on my work salary because I came in late after waiting for her despite of several messages telling her that I am only until 3PM, until 3:30PM, that I have work at 4PM, etc.  I come in late in some of my appointments and meetups but this time, she is just soooooooooo unprofessional!  She never even apologized for coming in late!  When we finally met, I handed her the peacock – second unpaid bag, next to graphite – along with a bra which fortunately she paid.

Reserved Underwear

Weeks before her due date on the longchamp bags, she reserved 2 batches of underwear amounting to ₱3k+.  Here are photos showing her intent to order/reserve underwear:

At first, I thought she only needed 1 set.  But she said she needed 2 sets:

When the first batch came, I requested her to pay for it first.  But she said she’ll pay for EVERYTHING on the 16th.  And by everything it implies that she will pay for the 2 longchamp bags (graphite and peacock) and the 2 batches of underwear.

July 16, she never texted me.  July 17, no update as well.  So I’ve decided to send her some messages and reminders on July 18:

But still no reply 😦 Morning of July 19 I sent her another set of reminders:

And when I felt that she has no plans of responding, I rang her phone.  And this is what I experienced:

What an attitude! Nakaistorbo pa pala ako sa pagtulog nya.  Here’s more to her lame excuses:

Take note that she promised she’ll pay on the 25th.  That she will call early on the 25th.  July 24 I sent her a reminder, no response.  Several messages were sent to her on July 25 but she only responded after I begged her to respond, saying just woke up.

Only to find out that she wasn’t ready to pay on that day.  Because she just checked her account.  I was then given false hope.  That she will pay and but…

I begged her to do something because I needed the money that day – very badly.  Pero kahit isang SORRY wala.

I was surprised when she asked me about the 16th due?  So I answered back:

That time lang daw sya pumalya.  Nahiya naman ako 😉 So yung mga dati feeling nya pala on time sya.  Kaya heto, niremind ko sya:

Then she didn’t respond after that and to my other messages until I sent her a message Saturday, July 28, telling her that how I feel.

Another promised date, July 31, Tuesday.  Early morning of Tuesday, I was already texting her knowing that she’s still awake:

And she responded:

Came July 31, morning pa lang I was already reminding her.  Call me paranoid, but can you blame me?  No replies to my messages at first.  I literally begged.  Maniniwala ba kayong hindi nya nabasa and hindi nya iniignore?

She knew very well that I class at 4PM on Tuesdays.  In case she forgot, I have already reminder her through texts.  But as always, she follows her own time and never cares for other people’s time.  At long last, aroun 3:44PM, she responded saying:

Galit pa sya???!! Speaking of time,

But as expected, no payment came on July 31, until today:

She must be having some difficult times financially.  Inintindi ko pa rin.  And so I gave her the option of just returning the bags to me:

Until she turned off her cp…Still I informed her that I will surely work on drastic moves which includes filing a blotter report and a case against her.  Considering that she took items from me, she will surely be a good candidate for estafa 🙂

Pero matigas! Paninindigan na lang siguro ang ginawang kabulastugan.  Until now, you can dial her cp# +639204156021 to check.  It’s diverted to being busy.

It took me days to weeks before I’ve decided to make her popular on facebook linking to her facebook account.  Siguro may nagtip na mejo popular na sya sa facebook kaya binlock ako, without knowing that I still have ways of letting the world know her 🙂  Kung di ka ba naman guilty, why block me?

Pasensya na sa mga ANAK na nakasama sa cover photo ng faccebook account nya picture.  You can accuse me of violation of your rights as youth, pero pwede ko rin kayong iaccuse ng obstruction of justice, tama?  Kasi naman I contacted you na, and though you’re answering back to all other posts in your account on and after I sent you PMs, you never responded to mine.  May pinagtatakpan?

To summarize, how much lahat ng naloko nya?

And to summarize her promised dates of payment:

I’m currently working on my legal actions against her.  Any information especially on her exact complete address will be highly appreciated.  Although I’m still trying to cope with a big loss I encountered, I will definitely look into providing a reward to anybody who will give me her exact address.