I’ve been to Cebu once in 2010 for my birthday and once in 2012 for the 2012 World Research Festival hosted by IAMURE.  But I’m not writing here to discuss about these two significant events in my life.  In fact, I’m here to share some good finds in terms of places to stay – hotels, pension houses, and the likes – for travelers like me who are into practicality without necessarily compromising convenience, comfort, and safety.

Most of the time when I plan out for a trip, I do the planning myself.  The Internet has unlimited and bottomless supply of information that you’ll need that if you’re just patient and industrious enough to search for the things you need, you’ll realized that you won’t even need the assistance of a friend, a travel agency, etc.

Hotel Pier Quatro

Located in 3rd Avenue, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City, Cebu, Hotel Pier Quatro made my first visit to Cebu very comfortable and convenient. Although a bit hear the port area (thus it’s name), this hotel is a bit far from the Mactan Airport.  It cost me around ₱200 via metered taxi from the airport to its location; this includes a little tip for the a little annoying taxi driver who was very persistent in asking for a Christmas gift that time.

Booking/early reservations was done only by phone.  We were not asked to pay right away using credit cards, debit cards, or the likes.  Booking was very simple not to mention the very friendly staff.

Upon arrival, the room was ready – not that big but wide enough for a little convenience and comfort.  What we got was their standard double room which cost us a little over ₱1200.  The wifi was not that fast probably because of congestion considering the location of the place but it went better at night.  Here’s a photo of the room that we occupied (taken from Hotel Pier Quatro web site):

No problem with food because their in-house restaurant, Cafe Quattro, serves delicious food.  I had a taste of their pork sinigang, bakareta, and pancit canton – saboroso 😀

You’ll have to walk a little – around 5 meters – to the highway for you to get a cab.  I’m sure the security guard would have assisted us but that time we chose to do things our way :D.  But overall, it’s near SM City Cebu, the famous lechon Cebu store CnT, and other familiar malls and tourist destinations in Cebu.

In front of the hotel is a club similar to Sandpipers-Iloilo City in terms of structure and service.  Interesting, huh! But for men who are looking for a “good time” that will definitely be worth a try, although we didn’t plan to go and check it out from the inside.

Cebu Fiesta Business Suites

Located at 127 A. Bonifacio St. Brgy. Day-As Cebu City, Cebu Fiesta is super in terms of price, comfort, and convenience.  Two thumbs up.

Booking/reservation was done only by phone.  Even if you make changes on your reservations upon arrival,  the staff will still accommodate you.  Being there is like staying in a home away from home, at its truest essence.  Although usual check in is at 2PM, the staff will accept you even if you arrive at around 6AM.  They will just count the number of extra hours 😀

What I got was their standard room with 1 queen size bed good for two for ONLY ₱700 a night.  Super isn’t it?  Here are photos from their web site which show the exact rooms that my friend and I got:

It has an in-house restaurant that serves delicious coffee and breakfast with pabusog rice 😀 Wifi speed is very impressive!  Inside their room, the paints are very very cozy, relaxing, to the point that I never even experienced a sleepless night in there.

Cabs and jeepneys pass by in front of its secure parking lot and in the nearby crossing.  Not far from Cebu Fiesta is the Parian Heritage Monument.

The bathroom, the pillows, the cabinets, the TV set are well-maintained.  No smell at all.  Just be nice in asking for your supply of the tissue paper and be careful not to accidentally lock your bathrooms because they don’t have the master key 😀