I feel bad each time I hear other people share their sweet love stories.  Makes me feel that mine is the, not really the worst, but the most bland love story ever.  Imagine a long distance love affair with nothing but communication via cellphone through text and few calls on select allowed days of the month?! Whew!
Realization #1: Don’t be envious with other people’s love story. Yours is written in a unique way.

Other people’s love story seem soooo sweet. How the guy pursued the girl during courtship and even during marriage is like every girl’s dream. This made me build a wishful thinking hoping that mine would be sweeter, more romantic, and as perfect as others.
Realization #2: Love doesn’t need to be perfect. It just needs to be true.

Her man seems like the man of your dreams. Then here comes another girl’s man who seems like your dream guy. Only to end up realizing that the man you have right now is the answer to your prayers.
Realization #3: Every girl shall be blessed with the kind of guy and the right love story that she deserves.

Every time we hear about other people’s love story, we tend to compare. This comparison soon becomes the root of all unnecessary thoughts to even our worst actions. Why is guy not as sweet as him? Why is he not as thoughtful as this stranger? Why do I feel more appreciated and needed by a friend and is taken for granted by mahal? When this thoughts bring riot inside your mind, relax, calm down, and think straight. Your guy may not be as sweet as him because you may have been attracted to the other guy’s sweet tongue while missing your guy’s actions. Some men are silent worker while some men belong to the “well said” category instead of the “well done” group, you know 😉 If you’re appreciated and needed that doesn’t guarantee that you will be loved. You might end up someone’s nanny or second mommy. Being taken for granted sometimes root from your guy’s overconfidence in you, that you are his superwoman. Isn’t that one hell of a compliment? 😀
Realization #4: In times of doubt and temporary shift of emotions, breaking up should never be an option.

There will be moments when you’ll sing, “O tukso layuan mo ako”. Or moments when the the old, unofficially ended love story is re-lived from the past. Beware!
Realization #5: Most men are ready to give you the desires of your heart. But most of them are not ready to rock their boat unlike the one you already have, who can move mountains for you.

At out lowest moments we would sometimes feel like ending our relationship without even thinking about the good old days and the sweet memories of the past. Simply because we are haunted with the someone else’s sweet present love story. As a result, either we fall out of love or we simply give it all up. Before giving it all up, exhaust all efforts first in rekindling the love. Who knows, it’s just in there lying like a dormant volcano? Remove all comparisons. Ignore all distractions. Focus on the one you love, his love, your love. Forgive the mistakes of the past and bury them. Give chance to your present and your lovely future. Remember that the best love stories are the ones founded on the greatest challenges that almost destroyed the bond between two persons who are meant to be together forever.
Realization #6: Love conquers all.

At the early stage of attraction, most time are spent on communication. You’ll end up not getting your work done, missing some hours of sleep, and even not following your schedule. Don’t stress yourself out. Take it slowly, go back to basic, until you can either schedule the business and pleasure separately or you can hurdle both.
Realization #7: Never forget your priorities. True love waits.

I personally believe that when you’re in love you don’t use your heart more than your brain. It’s a balance of both. Easier said than done? But once you get the knack of it, you’ll enjoy love more than ever.