It was one of those busy days when I could hardly fix myself up before going home right after running from the lab just to catch up with our shuttle service. Stress was already running through my body as if it was already a part of my circulatory system. I knew I needed a break right away. And when I say “break”, it means somewhere far from things, places, and people that could possibly remind me of work. So we’ve decided to cross the ocean and go to Bacolod City to unwind.

Since this trip was a bit unplanned, we still haven’t booked a hotel upon arrival at Bacolod City. The first plan upon arrival at the City of Smiles was to indulge in a slice of Calea cake. So we googled hotels and inns near Calea Cake Shop and voila we found Saltimboca Tourist Inn.

3 BEST THINGS about Saltimboca Tourist Inn:
1. classy yet affordable (our room costs P1500 per night, good for 2 persons)
2. really clean (absolutely spotless anywhere)
3. convenience (room rates go with free breakfast)

Here are some of the beautiful areas inside Saltimboca Tourist Inn aside from the wide parking area:


a portion of the receiving area near the reception


pathwalk going to our room


the gazebo


the garden set


Then there’s this spot that reminded me of wayback when…

building where our room is located…

And this piece of heaven under the moon…

So the next time you visit Bacolod City, book your stay at Saltimboca Tourist Inn. Absolutely your home away from home.