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Although hubzky and I love to eat, we are not the adventurous type.  We do not crave for exotic food nor do we long for something beyond Filipino cuisine; although sometimes we love to try something new.   Except for Japanese and Mongolian food, we are confident that some other foreign dishes served in restaurants here in our place are adjusted to suit every Filipino taste buds 🙂 and so here were are tasting one of the foreign dishes we both love – Thai food.

At Krua Thai

Krua Thai Authentic Cuisine is one of the many restos here in our place.  This restaurant is located at Smallville Business Center, Mandurriao, Iloilo City.

“Krua Thai” simply means Thai Kitchen.  I’m not really sure what happens in any Thai kitchen but I really love the harmony of all ingredients in every Thai menu.

Here are some photos we took when we had dinner at Krua Thai:

from the placemat to the utensils, the look has an impressive native touch

guess they knew it was our anniversary so they gave us heart-shaped serving of rice

forgot the exact name of the shrimp-based addition to my rice but I really love its spicy taste

At Banana Leaf

Banana Leaf is a restaurant we randomly chose while strolling around The Terraces in Cebu.  Its also menu offers some Thai food.  Here are photos of the ones we ordered:

wondering why it’s called banana leaf?

now, I know why 🙂

I couldn’t take the taste of the Thai drink (the one inside the taller glass) so I ordered bottled water 😛

For those who love Thai food or those who are interested in knowing how Thai food tastes, hope this post helps.  The menus above may look different but for us who are leaning more towards the safe side than the adventurous side, you’re assured that the said dishes will suit your Filipino cravings plus it won’t get you into any stomach-related trouble 😀



Imay’s is a seafood restaurant here in Iloilo City.  The first time I visited that place was when I had dinner with my bro and sis along with a friend.  It was funny because we were just trying to locate where Boardwalk is and when we got to the place that’s where we saw Imay’s.

The second time was confusing.  We went to the same place but we found out that their location was already replaced by another food shop.  Going through the next connecting route, we found Imay’s at their new location – Smallville.  Awesome!  Now that makes us very near to all other clubs after dining 😀 Our orders:

This one’s hubzky’s favorite – the ever alluring crab 🙂  I forgot to take photos of the soup we ordered because the crab was really delicious.  Made me forgot my name huh 😀 And for dessert,

I’m not a cake-lover.  But I don’t know what’s with blueberry cheesecake that made me love it.  Is it the cheese?  Is it the blueberry topping?  Whatever it is, I sooo love it!

Without our knowledge, that will become our last visit to Imay’s.  After a month or so, we tried to visit the place again for another family dinner.  Sadly, after searching for it all over Smallville and Boardwalk, we can no longer find it 😦 Now we have no more seafood resto to go to.

I know what you’re thinking 🙂 There are lots of seafood resto out there.  How come Imay’s going to be your only choice?  Simple.  Imay’s offer affordable and tasty seafood menu that no other resto can provide.  Others are too expensive 😀 While some offer menu that doesn’t satisfy our taste buds 🙂

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not a worker or a blogger for Imay’s.  I’m not even a food blogger or whatever kind of blogger you can think of.  In the truest essence of a blog, I only write down important happenings in my life through this online journal.  I can’t keep a diary because it’s sooooo old season 🙂 besides, I can’t keep pictures through there.

Anyways, Imay’s, wherever you are right now, hope you’ll be back soon 🙂

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