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As an avid online shopper, I am usually fond of subscribing to deals and email notifications regarding promos from various shops.  One web site that I highly recommend to everybody is is not just about shopping.  It has a Q & A portion that allows its members to post questions from all walks of life.   It has vacation-related features, music-related information, and it also has something to tell about your fave social networking sites.

I admit, I’m not an active member.  But I was so touched upon receiving an email from them informing me about the following badges I earned:


The Dedicated badge!

I earned this badge for being a Mahalo member for 6 months.    M$2 has been added to my account 🙂


The Seasoned badge!

I earned this badge for being a Mahalo member for 3 months.    M$1 has been added to my account 🙂


The Veteran badge!

I earned this badge for being a Mahalo member for 1 year.  M$3 has been added to my account 🙂

Thank you, Mahalo!  Now I have more reasons to become more active than ever.


novemberlady is one ebay buyer na sakit sa ulo!  Here’s what transpired between me and this buyer:

Feb. 17, 2010: She clicked BUY sa item ko

Feb. 18, 2010: I sent her an invoice

No response hanggang sa natapos ang month ng February after sending several follow ups.

Mar. 6, 2010: She clicked BUY for the same item again and messaged me saying INVOICE PLS

Mar. 8, 2010: I responded to her message saying

Last Feb. 17, 2010 you also bought this item. Feb. 18, 2010 I sent you an invoice. But days after, I didn’t receive any message from you, nor a response to explain what’s going on.

Mar. 9, 2010: She responded

cant you understand ngaun lang ako ng open ng ebay account ko!
Ok.. if youre acting too arrogant, Im not going to get ur item.. ATTITUDE PROBLEM!


I perfectly understand that you just opened your account last Feb. 17, 2010.  However, that’s no excuse for being IRRESPONSIBLE!

If I’m being arrogant, you’re being irresponsible! Bibili ka ng item tapos di mo maremember?

With all HONESTY in your heart, hindi mo ba nakita sa MESSAGE section mo ang invoice & follow up ko? If you didn’t, hindi mo ba nakita ang cp # ko sa post description ng item na binili mo where you can reach me?  If you sent me a text message, I should have called you…hindi mo kailangang magspend ng piso pisong load.

ATTITUDE PROBLEM? D kaya ikaw ang may ganun?

In addition to that, she posted 2 negative feedback sa account ko??? Huwaaat???   Unfortunately, sellers are not allowed to post negative feedback to buyers pero allowed and buyers to post nega feedback to sellers.  Duh!, sana maging fair naman kayo.  Hopefully, you can respond to my request regarding review of the truthfulness of the negative feedback posted in my account.  Also, hope you can allow buyers to post negative feedback to buyers.
novemberlady, magbago ka na.  Or di kaya, at least hear your things out or tingnan mo sarili mo sa salamin so you can see what an ugly monstear you are.  Di kaya, get a refresher course in GMRC or Ethics.

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