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The review was mind blowing although I took mine for two months or so without actually having a perfect attendance.  I’d skip classes, ignore mock exams, and intentionally go home in the middle of lectures because I was either sleepy, hungry, or bored (LOL).  But I was aware of my shortcomings so I’d compensate all absences with long hours of self review.

After the first day of the exam, I admit I lost all of my momentum. Organic Chemistry with a significant number of questions on Biochemistry nearly wiped out my hopes and momentum. Thanks to my room mates who encouraged me to fight further.

The second day of the exam was filled with killer subjects – Analytical Chemistry and Physical Chemistry.  Wondering if I’d still make it I kept texting friends and people whom I know really cared for me to pray for me.  I really needed divine intervention that time.

At long last, after nine (9) agonizing days of waiting for the results, here it is at last! I’m now a CHEMIST!!! Yahoo! I didn’t make it to the top 10 but who cares? I made it to the passing mark!



At 33, I earned the title. Yeeha!!! This is a new addition to  BS Chemistry and Master of Chemistry degrees I earned during my twenty-something years. Shall I get a PhD degree now? 🙂

With this achievement, I bring back the glory to His name; I wouldn’t have made it without Him. I’d like to extend my deepest gratitude to all the people who prayed for me – to Ma’am Tonet who carried me financially and emotionally all throughout the journey, my best friend (you know who you are), to someone who never left me (though we’re not OK now), my roommates who made the struggle still super fun, my Tita Vita for all the considerations and understanding, our Department Head and Nong Boy for the constant prayers even from a distance, to our Dean for the support.




This post is related to the saying, “Face your fears in order for you to overcome it”, because I’ve been facing mine lately.  I deal with it, I make fun out of it, I am with it…thinking that it will ease away these terrible cheating-like thoughts in my head.  But at the end of the day I could only ask myself, “Am I really facing it or am I feeding it?”

This post is related to the belief that in order for a minor allergy to be naturally cured, one must take the cause of the allergen a little at a time.  I’m in a situation where I try to take in the cause of these palpitations, difficulty in breathing, and sometimes rashes, a little at a time.  By little I meant masking my real feelings thinking that soon enough I’ll just realize that things are better when set in a friendly manner than when put in a more special way.  But I’m not that convinced with this allergy thing.  In the same manner that I can hardly convince myself that all these are working.  I’m making this allergy worst!

This post is related to what I’ve always believe, “No matter how many pieces of advice you get, at the end of the day, it’s still your decision that counts”.  This secret that I’m keeping I’ll keep…until the proper timing comes.  Hoping that this eventually die down….even before I find the courage to spill it out.  There’s no use sharing it with the people whom I know will truly understand me.  I know for myself that things will change if this prematurely goes out.  I can’t afford to lose what we all have right now by feeding this stupid feeling at the expense of everybody’s happiness.  That will be the most selfish thing to do!

At this point, I need to stop feeding this evil inside of me.  I can’t be like the person who I hate the most.  The turning point starts now and it definitely starts with me.  There’s no point feeding it! I must put a stop to it now!


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