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As an avid online shopper, I am usually fond of subscribing to deals and email notifications regarding promos from various shops.  One web site that I highly recommend to everybody is is not just about shopping.  It has a Q & A portion that allows its members to post questions from all walks of life.   It has vacation-related features, music-related information, and it also has something to tell about your fave social networking sites.

I admit, I’m not an active member.  But I was so touched upon receiving an email from them informing me about the following badges I earned:


The Dedicated badge!

I earned this badge for being a Mahalo member for 6 months.    M$2 has been added to my account 🙂


The Seasoned badge!

I earned this badge for being a Mahalo member for 3 months.    M$1 has been added to my account 🙂


The Veteran badge!

I earned this badge for being a Mahalo member for 1 year.  M$3 has been added to my account 🙂

Thank you, Mahalo!  Now I have more reasons to become more active than ever.


Sept. 28, 2010 marked the beginning of an end.  It has concluded a long and tiring 5-year connection with people and some things.  People whom I considered as special.  Things which I valued a lot.  Just like what happened in the past, I was again became the target of a “game” entitled, QUITTERS-ARE-LOSERS.

It was her pay day.  She couldn’t get it because it’s a Sunday.  So more likely she will receive it Monday.  Monday night, the payment arrived, so automatically the pay day will be moved Tuesday.  Came Tuesday, here she goes with her RIGHTFUL repetitive text messages asking for UPDATES regarding her salary.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the luxury of time to exchange text messages with her.  I’d rather proceed with what I need to accomplish for that day, including processing of her salary, instead of exchanging text messages with her.

I was almost there.  Here comes the RIGHTFUL calls, which she allegedly referred to as REJECTED CALL.  Allow me to correct you, Miss, it was rejected because I was in the bank.  I think you forgot the “I was in the bank” portion.

Grrrr can’t she just wait?  I don’t think she can; otherwise, she would have waited.  So speaking of waited, I had to inform her that delays mean 3-5 days no update and no appearance of anything whatsoever that will tell her of any update re her salary.  I understand she was in need of money.  But, well, she might not want to relay such pitiful circumstances to me, she labeled her annoying and absolutely irritating calls and messages as HER RIGHT!  Yeah, you’re right.

To appease her frantic situation, I had to explain to her my schedule.  Gosh!  Madam needed it so I had to; even if I didn’t have to.  Unfortunately, she wasn’t apologetic.  She was faking all her SORRYs and was still wearing the MY-RIGHT-TO-ASK mask.

Several other heated text messages were sent out.  Until those were relayed to the Big Boss.  Good!  Now the Big Boss can tell her what caused the delay.  I’ll be out of the scene.  But sad to say that the Big Boss was silent all this time.  Surprisingly, Big Boss emailed both of us saying that if we continue to fight he will TERMINATE both of us!  huwaaaaat????

Why should I be terminated?  I missed meal, I missed my 8hr sleep, just to process this damn payment!  Why should I be included in that BS termination notice?  The Big Boss has to know what’s the real issue here…in case he missed it…AGAIN.

The main issue: She was complaining about her DELAYED salary.

The expected solution: Big Boss should have explained the cause of delay to her.

Understanding that the Big Boss can not explain sensitive matters to a worker, I took a long and swift dive to rescue the Big Boss and save him from the caught-off-guard situation.  While struggling through the cold water I had to struggle through her.  To hasten our pace towards the surface of the cold water, I had to FIGHT BACK…for my RIGHT!

After throwing several splashes of water to her, I noticed that she wasn’t splashing back.  She then told me that she was waiting for the Big Boss’ action.  But the Big Boss was quiet all the time…I suppose.  There were hush hush through the waters that weren’t that clear to me.

When finally, we made it to the surface of the water, and the Big Boss was safe and secure, all of a sudden, with her help, they both pushed me down!!!  I was gasping for oxygen.  It was so sudden that I wasn’t able to prepare and wasn’t able to hold my breathe to gulp in air.  In the middle of short breaths I was asking WHY? WHY ME? WHAT HAVE I DONE? WHY NOT HER? and more…Until she let go and I was paralyzed when I saw that it was only the Big Boss who was trying to drown me…

It wasn’t the water seeping through my lungs and nostrils that almost broke my heart.  It wasn’t the salty water that made my eyes red.  It was the naked truth…it was him who was trying to pin me down…WHY? WHY HIM? WHY ME? WHAT HAVE I DONE?

I was literally begging.  My cries for help and my appeals went straight to the Big Boss from my heart.  But he has no time for drama…He has no time…He pinned me down as much as he could until I could no longer see him…I was begging, crying, calling out his name…But no answer…

No use holding on to him.  I am clinging on to someone who was [all this time] wasn’t a partner just like what he claimed to be.  And so I had to let go…

The water was gentler than the Big Boss’ grasps.  I was pulled away from him, from them.  But there was no sadness, rather I felt RELIEVED…I was surprised!  I should be sad.  5 years is 5 years.  All this time I have lived my life with him and everything that was in his world.  But then again, it wasn’t about the length, it was about the depth and the truthfulness of what transpired between us.

I thought I was safe because I was on top of a giant.  Stupid me…I didn’t have the time to look around, to look back, just so I can see that I was on top of a pile of unorganized moldy hollow blocks!

No time to be angry.  No time to cry.  It will no longer be worth it.  Useless!  I need to survive.  So I swam as fast as I could and as far away from them as I possible.  Until I reached an island full of accommodating, welcoming people.

I’m now safe.  Free.  At peace.  But sad…in pain…hurting…I was betrayed, forsaken, used! 

To the goodie goodie angel: Karma!

And to the Big Boss: I admired you, respected you, believed in you…I thought you were hard because you were a diamond. I was wrong. Someday, I’m gonna make you beg, too. When that happens, you’ll realize that no one will be there to listen to your drama. Now, I swear, hindi lang kita tatapatan…lalampasan pa kita!

The DRAMA…bow.

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