This page is intended to show you photos of food that I like.  Most of the menus featured here are the ones I’ve seen and tasted at my hubby’s place.  Some of them were taken at some cozy restos in places we’ve been to.

I am not in here to give you recipes or the likes.  Although I’m a frustrated cook, I still consider myself as a newbie in the world of Culinary Arts.

So without much ado, allow me to take you now to my delectable world.  Come join me as we fill our hungry mouths and inspire our nostrils with the delicious scents of food.

Introducing, baked scallops from Punsyon by Breakthrough.  For someone like me who is born and raised in the Seafood Capital of the Philippines, scallops should be nothing but ordinary.  But not for me 😀 I soooo love it – baked with butter or cheese, steamed, with coco juice,  name it I so love it 😀  The photo at the left is baked scallops.  It comes with roasted garlic bits and from my own taste buds and perception I believe it has butter spread on top of it 😀

This one is one of my personal all-time favorites – lumpia shanghai. Featured here are the spring rolls made from Plaza Central Inn in Roxas City, Capiz.  Simply, the best!  What I like best in their homemade menu is their way of maintaining that crispness of the rolls in hours…yes, you heard me right – in hours.  I’ve personally tried it.  Ordered a serve of spring rolls from 8 in the evening and left some until the next day.  Believe me they’re still crispy!

I’m not really fond of beef-based menus.  I feel bloated if I have too much beef.  But this Tenderloin Steak from Plaza Central Inn is really mouth-watering!  From the perfect tenderness of the meat to the “just right” sauce, you will surely forget that it’s served with a cup of rice! 😀 The aroma is so inviting.  Presentation may seem common but once you taste it you’ll surely order for another then another then another and another…


SNC00021I’d like to share with you another shrimp-based menu that hubby and I ordered when we dined at Esca’s last time.   Esca’s is a garden resto here in Iloilo City.  The menu is called Shrimp Curry.  From the name itself, the menu is like the famous chicken curry but instead of using chicken, it uses shrimp.  I find it interesting because it is a perfect combination of chicken curry sauce and shrimps are my 2 of my favorites.  Esca’s is the only resto where I got the chance to taste this yummy menu.

2009_0216life00822For someone like me who loves shrimp but hates egg, the food at the left is truly tempting but at the same time totally disgusting.  OK I’m always at the bright side of life so let’s forget about that ewwww egg at the side…let’s just look at the inviting shrimp that splatters like sweet treats on the sizzling plate.  Once you taste it you’ll never know that you didn’t like egg after all.  This one is absolutely delicious! Pair it up with a bottle of beer and you’re in for a happy hour 😀

2009_0216life0081I tasted this one in an Inn in Roxas City.  It is basically a white-sauced pasta.  The noodle used is similar to the noodles used in making lomi.  But you’ve got to taste the white sauce – it’s more delicious than any special carbonara sauce but just right for anybody’s taste.  The grilled meat toppings seasoned with white cheese at the top is super!  You’ll surely forget about the toasted bread that goes with it 🙂 The meaty toppings may look strange to the eyes but once you smell it, you’ll surely forget that you’re in a diet.  Minus exaggeration, this one is two thumbs up!

2603200913351Probably not the biggest burger in the US but absolutely the biggest burger in Iloilo!!!  You should not just see it, you should taste it.   Too bad I forgot the name of the resto but it’s in Jaro.  It comes in grilled and with cheese flavors.  You can even add more stuff to be included in the sandwich.  From the biggie bun to the tasty patty even up to the fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and white onions, you won’t be asking for more!  It’s just sssoooooooooooo big for our underrated tummy.  My choice – the grilled burger.  For only 100 pesos, it’s worth it!!!!

utanTotally different from the previous one is one of my favorites – vegetable based menu seasoned with shrimps.  This one has mungbeans, sitaw, and the very healthy malunggay.  As you can see, the shrimps are skinless but the head part was retained.  That is to make use of the nutrients that are particularly present in the head portion of the shrimp.


crispy-shrimpAdded to our shrimp menu is the simple yet truly addicting, crispy shrimp. Well, what more can I say, this menu is consist mainly of small shrimps fried under exact amount of oil and heat.  The resulting effect is a platter of crispy shrimp that is just right for your bite.  It is neither oily so you don’t have to worry about greasy after taste or whatsoever.


steamed-crabHere’s another favorite of mine – steamed crab. A truly tempting menu when served. The crabs are sprinkled with small amount of salt and cooked inside a pan until the flesh are white.  Some people no longer add salt because crabs here in the Philippines especially in Aklan and in Roxas City, Capiz are already tasty.



stuffed-bangusLet’s add another seafood under a different category here – the steamed stuffed bangus.  A bangus cut vertically into half is stuffed with ripe tomatoes, onion, ginger, and garlic is then steamed until it is cooked.  It is not overcooked so as to retain the delicious juice or natural oils that the fish excretes during cooking. Namit gid!


2009_0102life00152Now this one is an all-time favorite among Filipinos for all fiestas and grand occasions.  Bisan indi grandiose occasion basta may lechon nagiging bongga.  Lechon – a whole roasted pig – served with liver sauce is super katakam takam.  My fave part is the skin with some fat.  Hubby’s fave is the fleshy portion from the stomach or abdomen area.  What’s yours?


dinuguan1In English, this is called pork blood stew.  This is a menu consists of meat simmered in thick pig blood, seasoned with garlic and vinegar, and served with chili. O alam niyo na kung ano to?  Yes yes yow – ang dinuguan…bow 😀  Well, I personally don’t eat this one but it reminds me of some past events in my life before…events that I can consider my inspiration and at the same time, desperation.

chicharon-bulaklak1Next on my list is another pork-based menu.  We’ve already talk about whole roasted pig and the one using pork blood.  Let’s check another one which uses nothing but pork intestine – chanchararaaaaaaan…ang mahiwagang chicharon bulaklak.   Hmmmm I’ll try to give an etymological meaning or origin of this interesting name.  Chicharon – meaning cracklings – because the pork intestines are sectioned, breaded then fried until crispy.  Bulaklak is based on the shape of the crackling once it’s cooked – it’s flower-like.




050220091057OK too much of the main dishes, let’s try something sweet.  This time let’s talk about panghimagas or dessert 😀 The photo at the left is the Buko Halo from Jo’s Inato restaurant.  Buko came from the fact that the whole mixed ups of ingredients were put inside a coconut which was also the source of the shredded coconut meat mixed in the halo-halo.  Halo means mixture or combination of various fruits and other sweet ingredients.  Two tumbs up for Jo’s Inato Buko Halo.  The milky ice cream when mixed with the rest of the ingredients will make you crave for more.  Once you taste it, you won’t even need sugar to season your halo-halo.  It’s just perfect! 😀

060220091058After dessert, let’s move on to the next category – snacks.  How do you guys take snacks?  For me, I want a mouthful of healthy snacks.  But sometimes I would intentionally forget about weight, diet and other kaartehan once Roberto’s Queen Siopao is available 😀 Just look at the relative size of the siopao to my hand from the photo at the left.  It’s just sooooo big and sooooo heavy that you might as well think – pano ko ni ubuson man?  But mind you, the perfect combination of soft dough stuffed with chinese sausage, bacon, pork and chicken asado, and egg, will make you forget that you were already taking one bite after another after another after another.  For only 55 pesos each siopao, you’ll feel like you’ve already eaten breakfast, lunch and dinner with just one whole piece. Whew!

Tinuom nga Manok is a delicious dish made primarily from native chicken seasoned with onions, tomatoes, lemon grass, and other secret spices combined together to form a perfect blend of tasty chicken menu. Adding more inviting aroma to this dish from Wawa Restaurant in Jaro, Iloilo City, is the banana leaf used to wrap the insides of the clay pot for the soup.